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CNA Enhances Fraud Prevention With Predictive Analytics »
Tim Wolfe, director of the Special Investigations Unit at CNA, says "Identifying fraud one claim at a time continues to be important, but being able to detect and react to organized networks perpetrating fraud across multiple claims, jurisdictions and lines of business is where we can have the biggest impact."
Bank Islam: Better Risk Management for Competitive Advantage »
Leading Shariah-based financial institution spots problems before they turn into losses, gaining faster, fact-based decisions that result in business growth and competitive advantage.
Basel III: A Complex Journey to Negotiate by 2019 »
Full implementation of Basel III is due 2019 and dictated by the events discussed here by Bob McDowall of the Silva Research Network.
New Fees: The 2011 challenge for bankers? »
Some banks are experimenting with checking fees in response to Dodd-Frank and the CARD act. Carsten Heiliger, SAS Risk Architect, says weigh the risks – using analytics.
Improve Your Credit Scoring Skills »
Learn how to successfully plan, develop, implement, and maintain risk scorecards in-house when you attend Credit Scorecard Development and Implementation.
Regulation And Your Reputation »
This white paper summarizes the nature and scale of current regulatory shifts, shows what firms have to do to comply, and discusses the role that business intelligence and analytics can play.

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Rebuilding Trust: Next Steps for Risk Management in Insurance
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WikiLeaks and Implications for GRC Professionals »
How are you addressing 'involuntary corporate transparency' forcibly imposed by social media and WikiLeaks? Read this article for some tips for preventing most leaks including automating processes, proactively monitoring issues and providing a safe environment to communicate GRC issues internally.
Lines of Responsibility are Blurring »
Read Clark Abrahams' advice for transcending departmental boundaries to solve complex GRC issues.
Insurance Fraud Spirals Out of Control »
James Ruotolo, Fraud and Financial Crimes Solutions Architect at SAS, uses New York's no-fault auto insurance to show that regulatory changes and new laws are not enough. He shows things insurers can do to protect themselves from fraud.
Strategic Insights on Managing Fraud »
Is your organization ready to fight fraud rings that are growing in size and sophistication every day? If not, it's time to consider implementing an enterprisewide fraud management strategy.
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