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Chico’s racks up customer loyalty »
Find out how marketing automation helped the women’s clothing retailer triple results on a campaign to bring back lapsed customers. 
Best practices
Top 5 takeaways from the RIS/IDC Supermarket Benchmark Study »
In this on-demand webinar, experts from RIS and SAS address the top five priorities and decisions supermarkets must make to stay competitive in 2010 and beyond.
Re-imagining retail »
Could anyone have imagined a few years ago how recent shifts in the world could forever change the way consumers think and behave? In this STORES article, Diana McHenry looks at how brands like Pepsi, Zappos and Wet Seal are adapting and connecting in memorable ways. Programs like PepsiRefresh and the Retail Orphan Initiative are connecting with people’s desire to be part of “something bigger than themselves.”
How should retail CEOs think about analytics? »
With industry experts forecasting another tough year for retail in 2010-11, CEOs have to start thinking more about analytics. See what speakers at The Premier Business Leadership Series in Berlin had to say about using analytics to put customers at the center of the retail business.
Business analytics bring success to midsize dairy Oberweis »
Oberweis Dairy is bringing state-of-the-art analytics to its decidedly old-fashioned business – home milk delivery and traditional ice cream shops. Using SAS, the company mines its data to better understand which customers shop through its different channels for more effective cross-selling and up-selling.
Wet Seal accelerates fast fashion with SAS® »
Using SAS Size Profiling to transform historical sales data into accurate projections of future demand by size, Wet Seal is increasing sales, improving margins and improving customer loyalty and satisfaction. 
Amway China shortens replenishment cycle by 20 percent »
Using predictive modeling and inventory optimization technologies from SAS, Amway China has developed an advanced inventory optimization system that supports a gradual reduction in stock levels, balances product distribution, and has boosted customer satisfaction to 97 percent.

Oct. 25 – 26
Las Vegas

The Premier Business Leadership Series
Oct. 26 – 28
Las Vegas

SAS Championship
Sept. 20 – 26
Cary, NC
Social media resources
The nuts & bolts of social media: insights and tips from Chico’s CIO »
Ever attended a Facebook pajama party? Or answered a “what color underwear are you wearing” survey? Chico’s CIO Gary King describes two of the organization’s most successful social media projects and shares lessons learned.
Social networking and merchandise planning »
Today’s Y-generation depends on social media and mobility as part of its shopping experience. How do retailers create an effective strategy to leverage social media and mobility data to better tailor their assortments? Experts at NRF Tech share their ideas and insights on developing an effective strategy.
Social retailing all-stars from RIS News »
Find out how Best Buy, Forever 21, Gap, Target, Home Depot, Sears and others are hitting home runs with social retailing.
Get, Grow, Keep: customer intelligence blog »
Need successful customer intelligence strategies from the field? Then check out Justin Huntsman’s blog Get, Grow, Keep, where he and other CI experts discuss the challenges today’s marketers face getting, growing and keeping their best customers.
All about analytics
Understanding analytics »
SAS analytics expert Tonya Balan answers your basic analytics questions.
Make better decisions »
Author and researcher Tom Davenport provides a framework for improving your company’s decision-making process.
All about analytics: 5 essential papers »
How can analytics improve your business? SAS enlisted BusinessWeek Research Services to survey more than 100 C-level executives from across the globe to answer that question. Download one or all five white papers to learn what they said about using analytics to address specific challenges, from cutting costs to retaining customers to launching sustainability programs.
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