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Price optimization pays off for Winn-Dixie »
Winn-Dixie shows that preparing for price optimization takes a lot of work, but the payoff can be considerable. Read this Supermarket News article for the full story.
High-performance retailing
What is high-performance retailing all about? »
It’s about driving better financial results by uncovering new ways of doing business. Don’t get lost in big data! Your growing information, retail savvy plus new computing capabilities turns predictive analytics into rocket fuel for your business – without needing to be a rocket scientist. Explore the possibilities with the new eBook: High-Performance Retailing: The Art of the Possible.
Family Dollar tackles big data »
Want to shrink data processing windows from days to minutes and speed decision making? Find out how mega-chain Family Dollar Stores Inc., did it in this Q&A with VP Scott Zucker.
You saved 92 hours. Now what? »
High-performance analytics saves massive amounts of processing time, but what does that mean for your business? What can you do with high-performance analytics that you couldn't do before? SAS Senior VP and CMO Jim Davis breaks it down.
Grocery goes high-tech
Engaging grocery customers with analytics »
Insight-driven analytics is showing impressive results in grocery: "… we've seen somewhere between 5 percent and 10 percent increases in same-store sales rates for supermarket retailers that become more shopper-centered," says Jim Hertel, Willard Bishop LLC. You can get there in four steps. This e-book tells you how.
How S Group accurately predicts supply and demand
Find out how S Group, the largest grocery cooperative in Finland, is working on optimization, including value chain, pricing and space planning optimization (they have more than 40,000 store-based planograms per assortment period) - all built on predictive analytics and the ability to accurately forecast supply and demand. Register to see the webcast, Optimizing Shopper Insights For Grocery Retailers .
Multichannel supermarket communications: what customers really think »
Email, social media, radio, print, TV and more … how are customers responding to the explosion in marketing channels? This research provides answers and practical steps for grocers looking to pick the right channels for the right customers.
High-performance marketing
Top five ways high-performance analytics will transform marketing »
Everyone's talking about high-performance analytics (HPA), but how can it help you improve your marketing? How can HPA help you make quicker decisions? Wilson Raj has answers.
How Staples finds the most profitable customers »
Marketing experts, including Jim Foreman of Staples, David Chong of a Malaysian bank and Warren Murray of eBucks, offer practical marketing advice and tips for what works and what doesn't.
Pricing strategy
Pricing transparency and optimization »
Price transparency factors more heavily in consumer decision making than ever before, which is why retailers are using price optimization technology to refine pricing strategies. "In a digitally driven world, things like zone pricing and localized pricing are dying. ... Retailers have to differentiate their business," says RSR's Paula Rosenblum.
Analyst review of SAS® High-Performance Revenue Optimization »
"The SAS High-Performance Revenue Optimization suite enables enterprisewide re-forecasting and price optimization to be completed for the largest retailers in hours and individual user forecasting and optimizing in seconds," says Greg Girard, IDC Retail Insights.
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