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Hadoop is ‘super sexy’ – Lenovo »

The computer maker's analytics chief says Hadoop's appeal is in its ability to handle truly big data, but he cautions companies to find their best match.

Aware and Everywhere
How will the Internet of Things help manufacturing? »

The answer lies in the ability to use real-time error corrections to reduce rework and waste. Find out how some are using available technology to save money.

Capitalizing on sensor data opportunities »

Based on a survey of 500 IndustryWeek subscribers, this report describes how companies are using sensors to make them more competitive and how to best manage sensor-generated data.

Customer Intelligence
How B2B companies talk past their customers »

A revealing survey shows that while companies are spending lots of money on their message, sometimes they fail to speak the right language to their customers.

Cool hunting and the product life cycle »

SAS' Leo Sadovy takes a walk on the cool side to show us the customer intelligence tools needed at every stage of a product's life.

Customer loyalty is disappearing in a hurry »

Everything manufacturers and retailers used to know is becoming history in a digital marketplace. Read why your new mantra should be: "Sell as you would buy."

11 ways big companies undermine innovation »

There's no question that startups are innovation engines, but why can't big corporations be just as radical? Top executives share what they do to foster creative thinking.

Holiday Discount
Manufacturing Best Practices: Optimizing Productivity and Product Quality »

We're offering a 45% discount off the retail price of this hands-on guide for anyone interested in producing quality products. Limited-time offer, so order before Dec. 24.

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