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Mining social networks: how Facebook can help your business »
What happens when a Facebook group starts criticizing your new product? If your business can analyze social networking sites effectively, you not only see emerging threats quickly but also unearth potential manufacturing issues before the damage occurs. Read more in SAS Marketing Manager Mike Newkirk’s blog post.

Learn more about SAS® Social Media Analytics.
SAS® Social Media Analytics in the News
95/5: Why it’s important to analyze unstructured data »
Only 5 percent of the world’s data is structured - the other 95 percent is unstructured, explains SAS’ Jim Davis in "The reality is that the unstructured data can make a very big difference in our business."
Getting past the noise in analyzing social media » explores why organizations need to root out negative exposure in social media, and understand the overarching trends that affect the organization. SAS’ Mark Chaves explains what factors determine a social networker’s influence.
The crowd-sourced suggestion box »
The New York Times writes about SAS Social Media Analytics and testing conducted by an influential communications and research guru.
Context is critical to understanding complaints »
In mining social media data, it’s important to understand current vs. past perceptions, and how key influencers evolve, SAS’ John Bastone tells
Solution Highlights
Amway China shortens replenishment cycle 20 percent with SAS® Analytics »
Amway China developed an advanced Inventory Optimization System (IOS) using SAS Analytics. The system improves Amway China’s operational efficiency.

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Nuts and bolts of social media »
Learn more about social marketing and social media analytics with this insightful video featuring The New York Times best-selling author and industry expert Chris Brogan.
Manufacturing Competitiveness: IndustryWeek Online Conference »
Better processes, better intelligence and better technology can all help your company boost its competitiveness. This event provides practical operations advice.
End ‘worst practices’ in forecasting »
The Business Forecasting Deal provides a blueprint for using forecast value added (FVA) analysis to take the politics and personal agendas out of forecasting – and produce better forecasts at lower costs.
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