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How technology can drive the next wave of mass customization »

Visualize a mash-up of mass production and personal choice. Seven technologies are leading us into a future where individualized products will become the norm.

Digital Automation
Internet of things technologies that will actually make a difference »

Global warming, dwindling resources, overpopulation and an aging workforce sounds like the plot for the latest dystopian novel. Who or what will rescue us?

Capitalizing on sensor data opportunities »

Is your business behind the curve or ahead of it? Embedded sensor use is skyrocketing, but few of your competitors are talking about it – until now.

Digital Automation
Inventory optimization needs the right processes to make a difference »

Supply Chain Utopia where supply always meets demand and inventories always match sales is a myth. Here are the real truths about the best approaches available today.

Quality needs a new paradigm »

You know what to do, but why are you still struggling to achieve the quality that your customers expect? Mike Hitmar of SAS has four reasons.

Provide service, maintenance before a breakdown »

Wouldn't it be nice if you could know when an engine part was about to fail? Volvo has developed a way to more clearly see the future using data from the past.

You can't outsource risk: Creating resilient supply networks »

As manufacturing has gone global, a near-endless stream of natural disasters has elevated your risk factors even if you're oceans away from the event.

How to choose the right digital marketing model »

Come kick the tires. Four base models are available. The extras enable customization for your industry sector.

Breaking News
Manufacturing Analytics Summit 2014 (May 21-22 in Chicago) »

Leo Sadovy of SAS has just been selected as chair of this conference. Come learn the latest on applying analytics to the supply chain, design and innovation, lean manufacturing, logistics, quality and product life cycle management and strategy.

New Products, New Partners
Announcing SAS® for ‘demand signal analytics’ »

Without well-grounded analytics, assessing demand is part art, part science and part wishful thinking. Learn how to tune in to the full spectrum of demand signals.

Road to HANA with SAS® – update from SAS® Global Forum 2014 »

SAS + SAP = simplified IT. Data and analytics move closer together. Visualize an open, modernized platform where you're fully enabled.


June 3-5, Orlando, FL

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