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The 60-second scoop: SAS Master Data Management »
Can SAS data management expert Matt Magne explain master data management in 60 seconds? He can sure try. This video is a speedy snapshot of what MDM is – how it works, what it can accomplish and what its potential impact on your organization might be.
Big data
Retail is fashionably late to big data’s party »
When it comes to managing big data, the retail industry has some catching up to do. Find out what retailers are concerned about – and what they should be concerned about.
Roles and responsibilities in data management »
What do industry experts think about the status of data management in a big data world? This series of articles, white papers, reports, webinars and videos sheds some light.
What magic teaches us about data science »
No one ever claimed that data scientists were magicians, but the two roles might have more in common than you think. Jim Harris explores the similarities and unveils some secrets.
Big data forum »
Some of the hottest data management topics – from conference recaps to discussions on the role of data stewards versus data scientists – are raised in this online forum.
Data management
Goooooal! How data stewards score with data visualization »
They make players stick to the rules. Set guidelines. Work to guarantee the best game possible. But are we talking about soccer referees, or data stewards?
Data Management SAS Users Group »
Join this worldwide network of people who use SAS Data Management solutions. Get new ideas, share experiences and strengthen partnerships.
Enterprise Data World »
Austin, TX
April 27-May 1
Data Governance & Information Quality »
San Diego, CA
June 23-27
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