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SAS 11th Annual Health Analytics On-Demand Conference »
The SAS Health Analytics Virtual Conference was a tremendous success. The event brought health and life sciences executives together to share experiences on integrating analytics into their cultures, including the many ways they've transformed their businesses by improving data transparency, care delivery, consumer engagement, and managing financial and clinical risk. Now, you can watch the on-demand conference, or learn what was shared by browsing our conference blog series on A Shot in the Arm.
Industry Pulse
New Release: SAS® Life Science Analytics Framework »
SAS now offers offer the only hosted clinical research analytics solution for life sciences that includes embedded SAS analytic tools, workflow management, proven data standardization and optional, industry-specific analytic applications.
GRID Delivers Fast, High-Availability Clinical Research »
Many pharmaceutical companies (clinical trial sponsors and CROs) built traditional server-based SAS computing infrastructures to analyze and report clinical trials data. Now, they are opting for the flexibility, scalability and cost advantages of a modern grid architecture.
Are You Ready for Clinical Trial Data Transparency? »
Transparency allows for greater access to patient-level clinical data. From a business perspective, pooling data can significantly reduce the cost of drug development while improving the efficiency and lowering the costs of clinical trials. But what are the real benefits of data sharing and transparency, and how do you mitigate the risks?
The Health Care Customer Emerges Amid Industry Upheaval »
In his blog post, John Balla walks you through two great examples of how organizations are innovating their health care ecosystems to proactively engage with their customers.
The Future of Health Care Claims Processing »
Payment integrity plays a key role in helping HCOs contain their costs. Beyond just finding fraud, plans are now seeking to uncover a wider range of abuse, waste and errors in claims processing. Data-driven analytics is making that possible.
Where Is Your Health Care Organization on the Analytic Maturity Spectrum? »
The International Institute for Analytics and HIMSS Analytics collaborated to create the DELTA Powered Analytics Assessment (DPAA), a quantitative tool to measure how effectively health care provider organizations use analytics, intelligence applications and data to inform decision making.

Healthcare Analytics Symposium & Expo
July 14-16

PhUSE Single-Day Events
Aug. 5 - Durham, NC
Aug. 20 - Bridgewater, NJ
Sept. 26 - San Francisco

Big Data in Pharma
Sept. 17-18
BCBSNC Engages Consumers »
Using SAS, BCBSNC's consumer engagement program  focuses on critical health care issues like preventive care, provider selection and cost of care awareness.
Customer Spotlight
GlaxoSmithKline, Roche and Sanofi »
Hear the leaders of clinical trial data transparency at GlaxoSmithKline, Roche and Sanofi discuss medical policy and the benefits to researchers of sharing patent-level data; IT factors for success; and key takeaways from a biostatistics perspective.
University of New Hampshire’s Accountable Care Project »
At UNH, the NH Citizens Health Initiative has improved access to its all-payer claims database and EMRs through ease of reporting and data visualization to aid health care decision making and policy formation.
CareSource – Holding the Line on Health Costs »
The HMO is steering the most expensive Medicaid patients to higher-quality, lower-cost care.
Duke Center for Health Informatics Talks Health Care Data »
At the recent 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference, W. Ed Hammond shared data management challenges in health care today, and the fundamentals for capturing, cleansing and sharing data.
Books & Training
SAS® Programming with Medicare Administrative Data »
The most comprehensive resource available for using Medicare data with SAS, this book teaches you how to access and, more importantly, how to apply this data to your research.
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