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Health Analytics: From Big Insights to Big Breakthroughs »
Is your organization prepared? New policy has amplified the need to turn big data into an organizational asset. And you're faced with a tremendous task of quickly transforming the high volume of health information into shared insights and better outcomes. But this new environment doesn't have to be daunting. Providers can successfully reduce preventable readmissions, health plans can attract and retain the right mix of members, and life sciences organizations can bring better therapies to the market faster. Tune in to the archived SAS Health Care & Life Sciences Virtual Conference to listen to commentary about the powerful role of health analytics and how your organization can discover big insights and even bigger breakthroughs in this new era.
Industry News
Data Collaboration: Crowdsourcing for Health Care »
While the crowdsourcing of cures appears to be a new concept, it's really quite similar to the approach that's been used for hundreds of years. Find out how finding a treatment for scurvy may have been the precursor to today's crowdsourcing efforts, which are the ultimate in data collaboration, says David Handelsman.
Learning to Share, Sharing to Learn »
Many pharmaceutical companies and other clinical trial sponsors are starting initiatives to expose and share their clinical trial information like never before. Learn how data-sharing initiatives have become a growing trend in life sciences in this thought-provoking white paper.
How One Day Can Build a Patient-Centric System »
According to Rick Ingraham, without better engaging the patient, the triple aim of improving health, improving care and lowering costs is too close to being a triple "fail."
Why Is Health Care Stuck in Reporting? »
Understanding and obtaining the benefits of advanced analytics is crucial for health care organizations to be able to drive better health and business outcomes. This roundtable conversation – led by IIA faculty member Bryan Engle and attended by members of the Healthcare Analytics Research Council – focused on overcoming the challenges blocking health care analytics teams from deploying advanced analytics techniques.
Explore Further
New E-Book: When Bad Data Happens to Good Companies »
Using a "blended case study" based on several real-life organizations, this e-book tells a story about why a data quality program and a set of formalized processes are critical. While it's about a health care provider, it's really the story of how bad data can affect any company in any industry.
Try SAS® Visual Analytics »
Browse sample reports or get demo access to SAS Visual Analytics to explore your own. The Disease Management demo shows how SAS Visual Analytics explores potential linkages between renal disease and type 2 diabetes, and the Patient Safety demo explores how SAS Visual Analytics can help you rapidly uncover key medical insights across growing volumes of real-world data.
Health Data Management’s Health Care Analytics Symposium & Expo »
The Role of Analytics in a Value-Based Healthcare System (July 15-17, Chicago)
DIA 2013 49th Annual Meeting »
The largest multidisciplinary event that brings together a community of professionals at all levels and across all disciplines in the discovery, development and lifecycle management of medical products. (June 23-27, Boston)
Customer Successes
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare »
What types of injuries result in hospitalization? How does dental care in remote areas compare with that available in urban regions? Is Australia's medical workforce growing to meet the demands of society? When Australian policymakers ask these types of questions, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare supplies the answers.
Humana's Competitive Health Analytics Division »
What if you could partner with a company that uses fully integrated pharmacy, medical, lab and behavioral data of more than 12.5 million members to provide insight and evidence for your health economics, outcomes research and observational study needs? Competitive Health Analytics is doing that and more.
Books & Tools
Implementing CDISC Using SAS®: An End-to-End Guide »
As the first comprehensive book on how to implement and analyze Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) and Analysis Data Model (ADaM) data and prepare clinical trial data for regulatory submissions, this is an invaluable resource for anyone dealing with CDISC standards.
Simulating Data with SAS® »
Practitioners in the pharmaceutical industry especially will benefit from this book, which brings together the most useful algorithms and the best programming techniques for efficient data simulation.
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