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319 percent ROI with a payback in four months »
Daiichi Sankyo used SAS® Drug Development to build a Web-based platform that reduced the cost of data transfers from its external contract agencies and improved the productivity of its researchers.
News, Notes and Trends
Socializing around health »
As he ponders the year ahead, SAS' Jason Burke says social media is a top priority for 2011 business plans.
Data integration – an inside perspective »
Register for this March 16 webcast and get an inside perspective on implementing data integration from SAS customer Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. Joseph Randazzo, Manager of Actuarial Services for Excellus, will discuss the process and steps his company goes through to prepare data for analysis and promote analytical competency.
Release higher performance »
This white paper provides insight into how to transform your company to achieve higher performance through next-generation business analytics.
Manage data, manage patient care »
Health-care organizations improve the quality of patient care through payer-provider data integration.
Bio-threat detection in NC »
NCB-Prepared will allow public health experts to differentiate between normal health patterns, environmental changes, and natural or manmade bio-threats, giving officials evidence-based information to support innovations in patient care, day-to-day operations, and better management of health resources.

EHFCN Workshop in Analytics
Mar. 3

Mar. 14-15
Arlington, VA

Partnerships in Clinical Trials
Mar. 30-Apr. 1

DTC National Conference
April 6-8

The 2nd Annual Claims Data Analysis Summit for Health Plans
April 26-28
Las Vegas, NV

PMSA 2011 Annual Conference
May 1-4

HIMSS Europe Annual Event
May 10-13

SAS® Health Care & Life Sciences Exec Conference
May 11-12
Cary, NC
Customer Success
Escapo »
Enhancing service level while minimizing shelf and handling costs.
Palo Alto Medical Foundation »
Consolidating health records to study disease trends among demographic segments.
The Nuffield Trust »
Informing the UK's health-care debate.
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8th Annual SAS Health Care & Life Sciences Executive Conference »

May 11-12 | SAS World Headquarters | Cary, NC
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In its eighth year, this SAS conference will bring together the best and brightest minds to focus on key issues facing the health care and life sciences industries. Register Now.  We hope you can join us for a complimentary gathering that will feature:

  • Inspiring keynotes
  • An engaging executive leadership panel.
  • Enlightening real-life best practices from customers.
  • An interactive technology showcase.

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