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Real-time risk management for banking »
The Basel Committee made it clear that there is considerable pent-up demand for real-time risk management from all banks. Find out how using high-performance technologies to get real-time risk insight can bring you significant competitive advantage.
Regulatory Compliance
BCBS 239: Meeting regulatory obligations while optimizing cost reductions »
Becoming compliant with BCBS 239 will require significant investment and changes in processes, organizational structure and technology. The good news? These investments will pay for themselves by providing major advantages that go well beyond regulatory compliance.
Comprehensive stress testing »
Stress testing isn't just a compliance mandate; savvy executives are starting to use it as a powerful management tool for everything from financial planning to accounting. And making better-informed decisions is only the beginning.
Fraud & Financial Crimes
Can you think like a fraudster? »
Big data and advanced analytics can help investigators proactively fight fraud and money laundering. Find out how in this paper based on a webinar hosted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
New book on using technology to stop bank fraud »
A new book, Bank Fraud: Using Technology to Combat Losses, focuses on a select set of major economic and financial variables, and reveals how to optimally use statistical software to make more effective decisions in the fight against fraud.
CNA detects, prevents insurance fraud beyond expectations »
Find out how one of the largest US insurers saved more than $6.4 million and opened 101 new provider investigations with an exposure of $18 million – while boosting detection accuracy and reducing false positives.
Data visualization for insurers »
Feel like you're drowning in a sea of data? Data visualization could be your life saver. By presenting information in a pictorial or graphical format, you can make better, faster decisions on everything from pricing to cost reductions to fraud detection and more.
Fighting fraud in real time »
Time is money. Nowhere is that old adage more true than in the insurance world – especially when it comes to detecting and investigating fraud. And that's a big reason many insurers are turning to analytics to help streamline processes.
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