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Leader in Chartis' Anti-Money Laundering Solutions 2013 RiskTech Quadrant™ report »
SAS® Anti-Money Laundering was noted for comprehensive case management, optimized data model and predictive analytics. SAS was recognized for "completeness of offering" and "market-share potential."
Supercharging capital markets with real-time data visualization »
By performing deeper analyses on data captured in-stream, and then injecting the results back into the business in real time, firms can better manage market risk, liquidity and counterparty credit risk during the trading day.
Tapping the benefits of text mining for fraud »
Analytical models rely heavily on structured data fields. But within many claim organizations, some of the most useful information is buried within unstructured text fields like claim notes. Fortunately, text analytics can bridge the gap.
Analytics and the telematics information overload »
Insurers looking to adopt telematics will face three main data-related challenges: how to manage the huge amount of data created by the technology; how to extract value from the data, and how to turn data into KPIs and real-time pricing models. Read how Stuart Rose suggests tackling these challenges.
Too big to ignore: The business case for big data »
In Phil Simon’s book, he shows how organizations are using big data, and related solutions, to identify hidden trends, issues, problems and opportunities. He covers the tools and applications that can help you effectively use your big data.
Capital management for banking: Dawn of a new era »
Efficient capital management is now of paramount significance. This paper postulates that banks must manage strategic planning life cycles in tandem with risk appetite and forward capital position. It illustrates ways to make capital management more efficient and more oriented to risk-adjusted performance measures.
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