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What Kind of Big Data Problem Do You Have? »
Does it seem as though everything is a big data problem right now? Jim Davis, SVP and CMO, gives a clear way to understand the big data landscape.
Improving Campaign Response Rates, Reducing Churn »
According to the National Banking Industry Database, up to 22 percent of households will leave a financial institution within one year of opening a new account. Using SAS, Harland Clark has reduced customer attrition rates – "usually 20 percent below the benchmark attrition rate."
New SAS® Financial Crimes Suite: Fight Smarter, Faster »
"Essential to any meaningful discussion on combating financial crimes is a technology platform that is versatile, scalable and usable," said Jim Candelmo, Executive Compliance Director and BSA/AML Officer at Ally Financial. SAS Financial Crimes Suite is such a technology platform.
How Big is Too Big To Fail? »
Many exercises designed to stem lesson systemic risk also increase regulatory power and punishment those banks that contributed to the 2007 – 2009 financial crisis. This solution has some obvious flaws.
JPMorgan’s Loss Bigger Than Risk Management »
The recent disclosure of a multibillion-dollar trading loss at JPMorgan Chase reminds us again of the challenge and complexity of risk management and who is ultimately responsible.
The State of Insurance Fraud Technology
Increasing fraud rates is a major issue for insurance companies across the global. To help understand what anti-fraud technologies insurers are using today and considering investing in the future, SAS sponsored a survey by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CAIF).
Tipping Point – Why Technology is Essential to Combat Insurance Fraud
Insurance fraud received little attention until the 1980's. Initially, to tackle this growing problem, insurers implemented business rules and red flag techniques to identify suspicious activities. To stop today's sophisticated fraudsters, insurers must update their fraud detection techniques and embrace fraud technology.

A High-Stakes Juggling Act
Risk Management Knowledge Exchange

SAS and EIU Risk Survey Results
YouTube video

Ri$kMinds 2013
Dec. 3
Finding the Accountability Balance »
The Economist Business Unit (EIU) survey reveals that the financial services industry is still struggling to balance short-term, bottom-line results with longer-term and wider societal goals.
Cut the Double Talk »
Take a look at the news lately and you'll see big names in financial services struggling to recover from serious reputation damage. Why? Unclear risk appetite messages were cascaded down the chain of command. Take a new look at the message you are sending and the message being received.
Tackling Fraud Across E-Banking Channels »
Javelin's senior director, Victor S. Wheatman, will explore the security and anti-fraud measures consumers are most interested in, as well as outline the risks to the channel.
Fraudsters Don’t Worry About Privacy, Why Should We? »
In today's world of cybersecurity threats, fraudsters use social media to gather personal information and target vulnerable places within your organization. The criminals have no boundaries when securing illicit funds and then funneling them through financial institutions disguised as legitimate financial transactions and eventually sending wires to offshore accounts.
Credit Risk Modeling Using SAS »
Learn to develop credit risk models in the context of the recent Basel II and Basel III guidelines. The course provides both theoretical and technical insights, and practical implementation details using real-life case studies and exercises.
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