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With SAS, SEBI Protects India's Investors From Unscrupulous Traders »
"With SAS [high-performance analytics], we are able to mitigate market risk by preventing or stopping unscrupulous players who try to dupe investors by means of unfair trading." Avneesh Pandey, General Manager
What does it take to be a BI Dashboard Reporter? »
At the IFSUG Summit last week in Cary, NC, Angela Hall, SAS, attended Stephen Harris’ presentation:  "Manage Your Partners Before You Manage Your Dashboards: Designing Great Dashboards." Harris covered the business aspects of implementing dashboards, and Hall noted five skills you need to cultivate. Check out her post.
8 High-Performance Metaphors You Should Know »
According to Alison Bolen, Editor of SAS Blogs, some terminology used to talk about high-performance analytics can be a little confusing - blades, cores, captains, generals. But, when the meanings clicked for Bolen, she decided to help customers understand them, too.
The Changing Face of Risk Management »
Accenture surveyed nearly 400 firms from 10 industries across the globe to determine what changes will be made in 2012. Here, the authors boil the findings down to eight trends in technology, business strategy and risk management practices.
Better 2nd Time Around: Lessons Insurers Can Learn for Solvency II »
Recent efforts related to Basel II have confirmed the importance of data management. With Solvency II, there is an even greater emphasis on data quality and data management. Read Stuart Rose's blog post for other takeaways that can be gleaned from the past for the future.
Winning the Data ‘Arms Race’ »
Allianz CIO John Knowles discusses the role IT has in ensuring that the business has the data it needs in a way that it can use it. He says there's a whole new world of information out there; our job is to figure out how to use it.
Analytical P&C Insurer »
This white paper discusses how Property & Casualty (P&C) insurers are embracing analytics throughout their organizations to increase their operational efficiency, while minimizing losses and maximizing profits.
Intro to Causal Inference »
Learn how to test whether your results can be attributed to a given cause. This course shows students how to analyze data from randomized controlled experiments as well as observational studies by introducing methods like propensity score matching and adjustment.
SAS Enterprise GRC Overview »
This course offers an end-to-end overview of the Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance process, complete with hands-on exercises using SAS Enterprise GRC software.
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Banking &Credit Unions
Banking on big data »
With high-performance analytics, banks can turn their big data into new business insights for faster, better decisions to successfully manage risk.
Stress Tests Stress the Stress Tested »
Carsten Heiliger, Risk Solutions Architect at SAS, understands the frustration related to the evolution of CCAR, so he shares his comments on the Risk Management Knowledge Exchange.
Fraud & Financial Crimes
Combating Insurance Claims Fraud »
With millions of dollars at stake, the insurance business must act to reduce the amount of opportunistic and professional fraud. Download this free white paper describing how insurers can combat current and future fraudsters.
Fraud is a Hidden Tax »
In a recent study, even though 80 percent of respondents felt that fraud prevention and detection were a priority, only 9 percent are using business analytics effectively to help detect fraud! How are you finding and stopping fraud?
Governance, Risk & Compliance
The Regulatory Machine is Percolating, Now What? »
Clark Abrahams collected some great quotes from Ri$kMinds 2012 and compiled them with his thoughts on increased regulatory scrutiny. He seems recharged by the idea that innovation, regulatory compliance and business strategy fit together for the perfect competitive puzzle.
How Can Corporations Reinforce or Restore Public Trust? »
Clark Abrahams, SAS, says that the answer is easy: improved governance, transparency, a return to fundamentals, and effective stakeholder communication. But this solution starts at the top.
Enterprise Risk Management
Minimizing Risk of Bad Data: A Cross-Industry Problem »
The time table for decision-making gets shorter and shorter as the volume and velocity of data expands. Read about Samsung Securities' success when there is no room for error.
The Six Biggest Issues in Risk Management Today »
Has the emphasis on risk management begun to lessen as firms seek to recoup profits in this era of extremely low interest rates?
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