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Absa's IT pros, business execs know the value of data … lots and lots of data »
To change vast amounts of stored data from liability to gold, one of the largest banks in the world first had to bridge the "language barrier" between IT and business. Take a look at their tips for bridging the gap.
Big Data a ‘Big Bummer’ for Financial Services? »
Starting in 2007, according to IDC, the amount of data captured and replicated worldwide outgrew our total available storage capacity – 281 exabytes captured with only 264 exabytes of available storage. The data – and that gap – have been growing exponentially ever since. How are financial services firms handling the big data problem?
Will Basel III Kill Credit Models? »
Here is an interesting article discussing the Basel III impact on transparency of models, Danske Bank and the implementation of SAS Risk Management for Banking.
Moving Beyond Compliance: How Banks Should Leverage Technology to Capitalize on Regulatory Change »
This paper examines how a wave of regulatory reform is forcing banks to revisit the technology used to measure and manage risk. It also describes a framework and process designed to help banks improve their risk-IT architectures.
Digging Out or Digging Deeper? »
You've heard it before – siloed data is trouble. Data trouble is getting bigger every day, so those siloes are helping you dig a giant hole for your organization. David Wallace had three-step plan for managing your big data troubles that reduces risk and keeps you in regulatory compliance.
CFPB Interview: Product Development and Regulatory Unrest »
At the BAI Retail Delivery conference in Chicago, John Colas, Partner at Oliver Wyman, interviewed David Silberman, the Assistant Director, Deposit and Payment Markets Consumer Financial at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to give the financial services audience insight into roles, ambitions and priorities of the newest regulatory bureau. Read Silberman's frank answers about the future of the bureau.
Normal Accidents, Risk, and the Man Who Saved the World »
Operational risk and complexity risk can go hand-in-hand. Leo Sadovy is author of the Value Alley blog at SAS, a thought leader in financial management and responsible for performance management solutions marketing at SAS. Above all, he is a master story teller who can weave together the examples needed to help us easily understand complex ideas. In this post, Sadovy discusses the challenges institutions face when one failure sets off another somewhere downstream.
Banks & Credit Unions
Credit Risk Re’Modelling’ »
As the Basel Accords continue to drum up attention in the global financial markets, firms are looking to strike a balance between capital requirements and competitive advantage. Iain Brown, Analytics Specialist at SAS, asks, "Could the financial sector do more with their models if they borrowed innovation from elsewhere?" 
Navigating a Risky Road »
Although credit unions were not seen as the culprits in the most recent financial crisis, regulators have made it clear that there will still be increased scrutiny. This article by National Association of Credit Unions shows how analytics can ease that regulatory burden.
Q&A: CNA's Innovative SIU's Next Step Is to Adopt Social Networking Analysis »
Tim Wolfe, Director of CNA's Special Investigative Unit (SIU), tells how the Chicago-based P&C carrier's SIU has evolved with changing business challenges and technology opportunities. (Article from Insurance & Technology by Anthony O'Donnell.)
Optimizing Claims – A Win-Win for Insurers, Customers »
You know that the claims process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, typically involves multiple systems and outdated technology. Now, read why Stuart Rose believes that an optimized claims process is a winning proposition for you and your customers.
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Fraud & Financial Crimes
Choosing a Hybrid Approach to Fight Fraud »
A hybrid approach identifies associations between various accounts and integrates that information with the traditional rules and analytics to better score risk, prioritize alerts, reduce false positives, increasing the efficiency of investigators and reducing fraud losses. Dan Barta describes network analysis and says you can use either the top down or bottom up approach. Which approach are you using?
FFIEC Guidance: Five Layers for Fraud Detection and Prevention »
One of the challenges facing financial institutions is that their fraud detection and prevention systems have been siloed by products and channels. They use one system for credit card detection, another for check fraud and yet another for online banking. The FFIEC recently updated guidance on customer authentication and layered security.
Governance, Risk & Compliance
Getting Compliance Right: The Role of a Compliance Team
With close scrutiny from the regulators and government agencies, senior managers and boards are increasingly relying on its compliance teams. Read what role an organization's compliance team plays in making strategic decisions.
Five Steps to Build a GRC Culture
Corporate culture is the foundation for any business. It dictates how employees will treat customers and one another, and it molds the kind of image and brand reputation that management desires. A corporate GRC culture goes even farther to improve internal controls and minimize surprises. Read Clark Abrahams' five steps to building your GRC culture.
Intro to Causal Inference »
Learn how to test whether your results can be attributed to a given cause. This course shows students how to analyze data from randomized controlled experiments as well as observational studies by introducing methods like propensity score matching and adjustment.
SAS Enterprise GRC Overview »
This course offers an end-to-end overview of the Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance process, complete with hands-on exercises using SAS Enterprise GRC software.
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