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Union Bank Uses SAS® Credit Scoring to Keep At-Risk Loans from Default »
Although midsize US banks do not need to follow the Basel II accord, some choose to. Hans Helbekkmo, Chief Risk Officer for San Francisco-based Union Bank, told guests at April's SAS Global Forum Executive Conference that proactively following the Basel II requirements makes good business sense. Take a look at why Helbekkmo and Union Bank removed the black box from credit risk modeling.
House that Jim Built – SAS and Jim Goodnight Are Leading the Analytics Revolution »
Insurance and Technology recently published a list of the top innovators in insurance, and SAS' CEO Jim Goodnight made the list.
SAS = Analytics »
At the Steamboat analyst conference this year, Jim Goodnight presented some compelling statistics to show SAS' success in the marketplace. According to Goodnight, the secret is analytics. It's been our focus for 35 years and, as our customers and the numbers attest, we do it better than anyone in the business.
Analytics Helps Credit Card Issuers Reprogram for CARD »
Rex Pruitt, Manager of Profitability and Risk for MIS Analytics at PREMIER Bankcard, explained to attendees at the SAS Global Forum Executive Conference that his bank retooled for the CARD Act of 2009 to adjust for narrower margins and found ROI in its new outlook on customer retention and loyalty.
Stress Testing: A Board-Level Issue »
Firms should have a contingency plan for rare or extreme events. Stress testing focuses on analyzing risks associated with those events. Read Robert Mark and Antonis Miniotis' white paper discussing stress testing and the role it plays.
Benefits of a Standard Framework for Stress Testing »
Successfully executing an enterprise stress testing program requires a technology framework that enables data, scenarios, analytics and reports to be integrated across the organization. Read the benefits of this stress testing framework.
The Insurance Fraud Race »
Nearly 10 percent of all insurance claims are fraudulent; less than 20 percent of those claims are detected or denied. This webinar, featuring Deborah Smallwood and James Ruotolo, explores advances in fraud detection and prevention for the insurance industry.
HDI Assicurazioni: Solvency II Compliant, Customer Service Focused »
SAS was implemented on time and within budget, resulting in data quality improvements and timely information for business users, actuaries and senior management.
A Road Less Traveled »
To differentiate and capture a bigger, more profitable piece of the market, organizations are turning to analytics, but technological, organizational and cultural challenges may be barriers. This paper will help insurers develop and act on analytic strategies to enable business goals.

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Stop Fraudsters Before They Strike
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Why Insurers Need Deeper Analytics Now
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Changing Attitudes About Whistleblowing »
"Mind your own business" has become somewhat obsolete in an enterprise setting. Today it's more like "If you see something wrong and do nothing about it, then you become part of that problem." Clark Abrahams' white paper explains GRC's reliance on collaboration.
Liar, liar, pants on fire? »
During the SPARK!SAS Financial Services Executive Summit, James B. Stewart, a 1988 Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the No. 1 national best seller Den of Thieves, spoke on perjury and scandals. He showed how a strong stance against perjury could build renewed trust in the industry.
Analytics Stings Bank Fraudsters While Protecting Customers »
Financial institutions need to build a sophisticated analytical fraud framework that finds fraud and heads it off before it occurs. Ellen Joyner explains how social networking analytics and predictive modeling can help get a step ahead of the fraudsters.
Pushing the Magic Fraud Button »
What if you could find fraud by pushing a single button? Sure. That would be cool. James Ruotolo acknowledges that we're still a ways from that, but industry leaders at the SPARK!SAS Financial Services Executive Summit did uncover something that will make uncovering fraud in insurance move a lot more quickly.
Credit Risk Modeling Using SAS® »
Learn new and advanced techniques for improved credit risk modeling. Seats are filling quickly for 2011 courses. Register today and save 10% with our Early Bird or Group discounts!
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