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Emcredit: How to Transition IT From Cost Center to Value Center »
Credit bureau relies on SAS Data Integration to make sure lenders maintain profitable customer relationships through fast, accurate decisions about creditworthiness.
Connect with Analytics Experts Online – At A Discount
The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) is an online community for professionals in the commercial, government and nonprofit sectors. Explore and contribute to the latest research on marketing, financial and technology topics in a confidential, think-tank environment. Receive a 30% discount on an Individual Membership with this SASCOM30 promo code.
Regulatory Reform: The New Big Squeeze! »
The global regulatory landscape is evolving, but some of the guesswork may soon be eliminated in the US now that the Dodd-Frank Act has passed. Guillermo Kopp, chairman of GUAU and former Executive Director of TowerGroup, explains some of the more interesting aspects of the legislation.
SAS Excels in Two Major Categories »
SAS, from among many highly respected software vendors, is named the leader in Chartis Research’s Risk Management Software. Additionally, SAS is recognized as a leader in Chartis Research’s Operational Risk & GRC Software Solutions 2010 report.
SAS® Global Forum 2011 »
April 4-7
Las Vegas
Risk is a Four-Letter Word »
Tara Skinner, Solutions Architect at SAS, says effective, successful risk management should mitigate risk’s downside and exploit the upside. Read why she believes risk is not a four-letter word.
VUB Manages Risk by Looking into the Future »
Learn how VUB, one of the largest banks in Slovakia, improved asset and liability management and manages interest rate risk using SAS.
Credit Risk Modeling Using SAS® »
Learn new and advanced techniques for improved credit risk modeling. Register for the Nov.1-4 Minneapolis course and save 20%! Use promo code BKS4LESS when registering.
The Little SAS Book:
A Primer »

This fourth edition must-have reference includes basic SAS concepts in a clear, concise format that enables new users to get up and running quickly. Examples allow readers to type in the program and see it work!

The Premier Business Leadership Series
Oct. 26 – 28
Las Vegas

Analytics 2011
October 24 – 25
Orlando, FL

SAS® Forum
CH 2010

Sept. 30
Trafohalle Baden, Switzerland

SAS Forum Sweden 2010
Oct. 5
Stockholm, Norra Latin

SAS Forum Germany
Oct. 6-7

Oct. 25-26
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Eurovida Reduces Per-Policy Operational Costs »
Using activity-based costing, the insurance company reduced operational costs by 48 percent per policy and enrollment-process length by 56 percent, and saw customer complaints decline by 13 percent.
Four Initiatives Changing the Insurance Industry »
Stuart Rose, SAS Global Insurance Marketing Manager (called Dr. of Insurance by many), is writing a series of posts discussing changes to the insurance industry including telematics, customer advocacy, link analysis and price optimization.
Getting to Your Ideal Level in Fraud Prevention »
Ellen Joyner says that fraud risk can be managed with analytics that incorporate social networking strategies, which build visual patterns among identities, addresses and users to ferret out suspicious group activity and alert management to the most suspicious and risky alerts.
Social (Media) Stratification »
Read SAS’ James Routoulo’s advice to fraud investigators: Be aware of the age groups and other social differences on the various social media platforms.
Fraud Detection with SAS »
This YouTube video shows how HSBC uses SAS® for fraud prevention and detection. Read more about SAS for fraud prevention and detection.
Integrate Risk Management with Business Strategy »
Listen as Manoj Kulwal and Clark Abrahams - SAS experts on governance, risk, and compliance - present a discussion about managing risk while making critical business decisions.
GRC Requires Integration of Business Strategy with Risk, Compliance »
Don’t dismiss GRC because you think it is a “boil the ocean” solution – completely overwhelming and impractical. Clark Abrahams says to start with today’s pain.
Solvency II Course »
Learn to navigate the many changes to comply and compete in the global insurance market when you attend Preparing for Solvency II Equivalence. Register early and save!
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