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Visa Sees More Profitable Opportunities  »
With SAS, Visa now builds more robust, user-friendly models to calculate customer and product profitability in far less time. Now, Visa can see 100 percent of the organization by product, client, product within clients, or clients within products.
Accenture, SAS Enhance BI Services Capabilities »
To meet growing demand, Accenture plans to expand its business intelligence capabilities with SAS. Accenture plans to expand its SAS business intelligence capabilities and technology solutions for vertical markets, including financial services, health care, retail and others.
Confidence is Returning, but Weaknesses Remain »
Economic reconstruction seems to be well underway, and many financial services organizations are predicting future revenue growth and profitability, but are there still cracks?
SAS Helps Recover Charged-off Assets »
SquareTwo Financial plans to run SAS predictive technologies to accelerate charged-off debt from red to black. “Although we will save multiple full-time employee hours because we can model better and faster, the real monetary benefit comes because we can make better business decisions on the revenue, which we expect to be in the millions,” said L. Heath Sampson, Chief Financial Officer at SquareTwo Financial.
Reduce Card and Payment Fraud Losses, Lower IT and Staffing Costs »
As business customers move toward more electronic payment vehicles, fraudsters will likely take advantage of the anonymity of such payments and make them their channels of choice unless banks adopt effective fraud detection and prevention strategies. What is your best defense against card and payment fraud?
Top 10 Business Drivers in Financial Crimes Management »
Learn how leading banks and government organizations analyze data from disparate sources to glean superior fraud intelligence. On demand webcast.
Exploratory Analysis for Large, Complex Problems »
This course focuses on fraud detection, recognizing that the core principles of modeling to solve fraud are the basis of all exploratory data analysis. You’ll learn to use advanced modeling algorithms and find hidden interactions in the onsite and live web classrooms. View the demo.
5 Ways to Analyze Text »
Everyone is now talking about unstructured data. How can financial institutions cash in? SAS Text Miner made it possible for Agata, an online lender, to combine traditional scores with analysis of unstructured data, information from community participants and an applicant’s web profile.
Credit Scorecard Development and Implementation »
This business-focused course provides the necessary knowledge to plan, develop, implement and maintain risk scorecards in-house. You'll get a high-level introduction to credit risk management and scorecard implementation strategies.

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New Insurance Risk Management Solution »
“Solvency II and other regulatory requirements are increasing the adoption of risk management solutions within insurance carriers,” said Karen Pauli, research director, TowerGroup. SAS Risk Management for Insurance is designed to help insurers assess risks better, and can be used in tandem with other analysis software.
Business Users Maximize Business Intelligence »
Insurers are giving more information access and control of new Business Intelligence tools to the business users. Joel Appelbaum, chief analytics officer of Zurich North America, says the firm’s $5 million annual savings may not seem large—“roughly one percent of our loss ratio—but every little bit counts in this game.”
From the Backroom to the Boardroom »
Drop the traditional, correct-as-you-go approach to data quality and adopt a more proactive approach that includes standards and processes for governing data throughout its lifecycle.
Maximizing Your Data Asset »
On demand webcast.
Get Advanced, Enterprise Risk Analysis »
Use SAS® Risk Management for Banking to measure exposure and risk across all risk types and books of business and distribute incentives for consistent optimization of risk-adjusted returns.
The State of Customer Analytics in Banking »
Customer intelligence and insight are vital for banks to attract and retain customers and increase cross-sell and up-sell success. Learn to achieve marketing goals and gain competitive advantage by leveraging consumer data.
Move Closer to Your Data for Faster, Better Decisions »
Learn to use in-database analytics to accelerate your time to insight and gain greater confidence in the accuracy of your decisions.
Improve Scorecards with Memory-Based Reasoning »
Reject inference helps ensure scorecards are more representative of applicant population and increases loan-granting decision accuracy: More creditworthy applicants receive credit and non-creditworthy applicants are denied credit, thus increasing profits and decreasing losses.
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