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HSBC Relies on SAS® for Comprehensive Fraud Detection  »
With SAS, this global financial leader has achieved significantly lower incidence of fraud across tens of millions of debit and credit card accounts, significantly exceeding aggressive objectives.
Predictive Analytics Leader »
SAS has been named a leader among nine vendors in The Forrester Wave: Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Solutions, Q1 2010 . SAS predictive analytics and data mining solutions were evaluated (and earned top overall ranking) in three categories  – current offering, strategy and market presence – including perfect scores for functionality, professional services, licensing and cost, direction and company financials criteria.
Fighting Fraud with SNA »
Social network analysis can help insurers understand networks that are may be connected to criminal behavior.
Drive Growth Through Cross-Sell and Up-Sell »
Insurers, it’s no secret that sales to existing customers is the most cost-effective way to achieve sustainable growth. You already have the data. Look at what you can do to create a repeatable, closed-loop process based on customer behaviors and event-driven alerts.
Target Customer Behavior with SAS® »
Would knowing more about your customers be an advantage? At Minsheng Bank, it is. And, according to Minsheng’s Gao Chenwei, SAS simplifies business processes and identifies the balance between risk and benefit.
Dynamic Risk Classification for AML »
Now, you can create a view of your customer relationships and risks, monitor activities using multiple methods and adapt those methods throughout the customer lifecycle. You’ll feel confident that you have what is necessary for the new regulatory mandates.
Analytics Transforms the Claims Life Cycle »
Poorly managed insurance claims payouts and loss adjustments can claim up to 80 percent of revenue and negatively affect customer satisfaction, renewal and retention. Turn it around with predictive claims processing. A complementary Webinar is available as well.
Can PROC LOAN process an input data set? »
This example illustrates how to compute the monthly payment for each of two fixed rate loans in a portfolio. The parameters of each loan are specified in an observation in data set LOANS. The MORT function is used to compute the monthly payment for each of the loans.

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A Better Banking World »
There’s a reason many industry analyst firms are evaluating anti-fraud technologies based on their ability to provide an integrated, platform-based approach. According to Ellen Joyner, it’s the best way to get the most accurate, complete and cost-effective picture of fraud within an organization.
Conference To-Do List »
You leave the conference energized, but after a week at home, you drop the projects because of burnout. Try Leo Sadovy’s conference plan. He boils down the most relevant content and makes a plan.
Plan Ahead for 2010 Training »
The January-June schedule is now available. Be sure to visit the Discounts page for the best deals, including an early-bird discount!
Introduction to Applied Econometrics »
In this course, the first in a series of three, you’ll learn to develop and use single-equation econometric models, improve your forecasts and sharpen your quantitative, statistical and analytical skills
Modeling Trend, Cycles, and Seasonality in Time Series Data Using PROC UCM »
Learn to model, interpret and predict time series data using UCMs. The UCM procedure analyzes and forecasts equally spaced univariate time series data using the Unobserved Components Models (UCM).
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