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How to maximize customer engagement and top-line results »
Raiffeisen Bank Austria d.d. Croatia uses analytics to transform its marketing and sales tactics - increasing conversion rates by more than 30% in the first six months.
Differentiating through the customer experience »
In a recent survey by ING, 50 percent of the respondents said they consult with friends and family when making decisions - including which bank account to open. Word-of-mouth, both positive and negative, colors customer experience.
Aligning technology and business in the age of big data analytics »
Whose job is it to see that the needed data is captured, cleansed and available for analytics? Data is so integral to running the business that it's everybody's job.
Capital Markets
Supercharging capital markets with real-time data visualization »
By performing deeper analyses on data captured in-stream, and then injecting the results back into the business in real time, firms can better manage market risk, liquidity and counterparty credit risk during the trading day.
20/20 vision of risk »
Banks need a holistic view of their data in order to accurately detect risk. They also must overcome the challenges associated with poor data quality and the "noise" generated by existing control systems. Laura Hutton, Director of Banking and Solutions at SAS, explains how technologies can improve a bank's visibility into operational risk.
Forecasting shows impact of rate changes »
SAS® Analytics helps Ohio Mutual Insurance Group predict impact of rate increases on policy renewals for smarter pricing decisions.
Chartis: SAS a technology leader for Solvency II »
SAS is ranked as a category leader in the Chartis RiskTech Quadrant® for Solvency II Technology Solutions.
Regulatory Compliance
Tackling risk aggregation and reporting »
This white paper, produced in partnership with the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), reveals what the Basel principles will mean for banks' day-to-day operations and some of the biggest obstacles to implementing them.
The global stress-test automation market: stress, uncertainty, moral hazard »
This Impact Report is designed for bankers who have already been through one or more stress tests but want to make these processes more cost effective and for senior managment teams seeking information that will allow them to respond to internal capital requests related to automating stress tests.
How high-performance technologies enable major advances in risk management »
High-performance technologies are enabling real-time data integration, data quality processes, reporting, evaluations, analyses and decisions on demand - all capabilities that are critical to effective risk management.
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