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Welcome to our Insights Center, where you can access the latest thinking on topics you care about – analytics, big data, data management, marketing, risk and fraud. We've assembled a variety of compelling content published by and curated from experts around the world. And it's not all about the SAS point of view – our aim is to cover the issues that you, your peers and your competitors are faced with daily and how they're being addressed. Issues like the impact of big data and emerging practices in building an analytically driven business culture.

Ideas and inspiration often come from looking at the world from different perspectives – through a different lens. So browse around. Read. Watch. Share. And come back for new insights as often as you like.

Analytics Insights


There's a lot going on in the world of analytics. New advancements. New ideas. New possibilities. Find out what the experts are talking about.

Big Data Insights

Big Data

Big data is still big news. And we've really just started to scratch the surface. See what the experts are saying about the big issues surrounding big data.

Data Management Insights

Data Management

Data is the root of all that is possible. How you manage that data makes all the difference. Check in with the experts on all things data management.

Marketing Insights


There's always something new in the business of marketing to and communicating with customers. See what the marketing gurus are saying.

Fraud & Risk Insights

Risk & Fraud

When it comes to risk and fraud, you must know your strengths and your vulnerabilities. Connect with experts and learn about the latest developments.

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