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Using social media to tackle crime

Social media threat 2

Social media channels were once seen as a quick and easy way to communicate. Today, they can be a powerful channel for active group psychology – powerful enough to overthrow governments. Law enforcement agencies can no long stand on the sidelines – but how do you sift the useful information from the mundane chatter?

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How crime fighters can take on human trafficking

Driving preventative policing

Today human trafficking is big business, in many cases driven by far-reaching international criminal networks. Working together closely across national borders and delivering a joined-up approach to intelligence will be vital if this serious and rapidly growing criminal activity is to be effectively tackled.

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The social media revolution

Social media threat 2

Social media sites have evolved from being a form of communication to a channel for active group psychology. It has become a tool for organizing looting, arson and criminal damage and driving social and political revolutions. What is the most effective response?

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Social media in public security

mobile banking and cybersecurity

Social media can be seen as an opportunity to prevent and solve crime rather than simply a tool used by criminals to carry it out. Analytics technologies can now pore over huge amounts of social media information to uncover patterns and analyze content.

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