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Demo: Real-time mortgage portfolio risk analysis

Senior Risk Consultant Srini Iyer

SAS can help you build an analytic platform for CCAR and stress testing. And the good news is that you can use the models you’ve already built. We plug your models into our solution to give you the scalability – and functionality – you need.

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Real-time risk aggregation demo

Risk aggregation demo

Obtaining consolidated risk results across asset classes, portfolios, and trading desks can be a daunting challenge. The amount of information to be aggregated is vast and can stress an organization’s systems. Worse, the results are often obtained using overnight batch processes. Doug Vestal shows how risk aggregation results can be delivered in real-time.

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High-performance analytics: Big technology for big data fraud detection

High-performance analytics

Insurers have access to big, big data – social media interactions, unstructured text, machine-to-machine (M2M) data, and visual media content like photos and videos – but these sources have been overwhelming. They’re too large and change too quickly to be helpful in traditional fraud scoring. Replace overnight batch processing with high-performance analytics.

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Six tips for managing risk data

data visualization

Combining these six tips will help the bank reduce operational costs, focus on more profitable trading operations, reduce RWA and thereby achieve a better return on capital deployed in its trading operations.

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Four key benefits of high-performance analytics

data visualization

Are you struggling to pull all of the risk data for your regulatory calculations? Do you need to do a better job of predicting loan deposits earlier in the cycle? Take a look at how high-performance analytics can help you solve these problems.

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A high-performance sandbox for risk management

Tham Ming Soong, former United Overseas Bank Chief Risk Officer

Former CRO of United Overseas Bank Ming Soong talks about the value of a high-performance analytics sandbox for risk management.

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Turning regulatory challenges into opportunities

Tham Ming Soong, former United Overseas Bank Chief Risk Officer

Ming Soong, former CRO for United Overseas Bank, says that a monthly or weekly report may be enough for regulatory compliance, but the same information could mean so much more to the organization. Take the challenge.

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Big data management for retail banks


The challenge for the years ahead will be to balance increased regulatory costs and the need for greater efficiency while at the same time delivering an improved customer experience and innovations to retain customers and grow revenues. High-performance analytics will help bank executives pave the path to success – with customers, regulators and the market.

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Big data improves speed, accuracy and automation for credit lenders

Data for risk management - 2012

Credit lending is a fast-paced business that relies on large amounts of customer and transaction data. Rex Pruitt, Premier Bankcard, discusses how high-performance analytics can help meet the challenges of today’s lender.

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Are organized fraudsters winning the big data battle?

Ellen Joyner Robinson

Organized fraudsters love the big data battle because – for many organizations – siloed data and too much data make finding fraud as difficult as finding the same needle in a new haystack. Ellen Joyner says firms can bring big data and organized fraudsters down to size with a layered analytics approach combined with high-performance computing.

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