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The digital age has a dark side – cybercrime

Too big to fail

Check out this telling infographic about bank’s responses to cybercrime. It highlights some key findings from a survey of 250 banking executives. The report looks at cyber security challenges and opportunities as they relate to banks.


Seven questions you need to answer about your financial crime program

financial crimes

Jim Caldelmo says that banks need to apply analytics – the same powerful analytics platform used to track sales and marketing – to protect customers against financial crime. Caldelmo, Executive Director and Banking Secrecy Act Officer at Ally Financial, provides seven questions bankers should ask themselves to know if they have a solid financial crimes program.

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Cyber security for the mobile world

mobile banking and cybersecurity

The always-connected generation expects secure, on-the-go banking. But cybercriminals are also children of the digital age. Your cybersecurity must keep you out in front because they are always inventing new tricks to exploit the weaknesses in these new technologies.

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Situational awareness – ‘seeing’ your security gaps

shadowy image of a criminal

We now know that cyber security isn’t just an IT problem. It’s a risk management problem, and so situational awareness should be part of the broader risk management strategy.

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Enterprise cyber security: The case for using analytics to manage risk


The traditional approach to addressing common system and network vulnerabilities is no longer enough to provide cyber-security. Agencies must take an enterprise approach, and to do so, CISOs must be able to understand and visualize the human and technology interactions in cyberspace. That’s where analytics can help.


Data visualization meets cyber crime

data visualization

Big data can be a bad thing – if you can’t see the knowledge locked inside. That is particularly important when you are trying to see possible relationships and linkages. Cyber security is an area where data visualization technology would help uncover those linkages in a way that everyone can understand, even those without a statistics degree.

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