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Regulatory Compliance

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Comply with FATCA now – but think to the future!


In 2010, US legislators estimated that the Treasury loses as much as $100 billion annually to offshore tax non-compliance. Their response was to pass the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). And the US response may only be the beginning. How do you get a handle on the information you need to be compliant?

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Winning the Solvency II gamble

Taking a Gamble

Thorsten Hein asks, “Are you a gambler?” When it comes to Solvency II implementation, Hein argues that insurers that concentrate only on the most immediate aspects of compliance will miss out on many of the business benefits that those who fully comply will gain. Their ‘savings gamble’ will actually be a loss.

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Turning regulatory challenges into opportunities

Tham Ming Soong, former United Overseas Bank Chief Risk Officer

Ming Soong, former CRO for United Overseas Bank, says that a monthly or weekly report may be enough for regulatory compliance, but the same information could mean so much more to the organization. Take the challenge.

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The data challenge


The Solvency II directive is the first insurance regulation to introduce strict requirements for data management; it also represents an opportunity for many organizations. Effective data management results in better risk decisions, reduced likelihood of regulatory-imposed capital add-ons, increased return on capital, higher return on marketing campaigns and better fraud detection.

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Analytics comes to AML, what RAD wants to know!

David Stewart

One approach to transaction monitoring is “tuning of scenario parameters,” but that can raise eyebrows in the regulatory community. Take a look at David Stewart’s suggestions for an analytical approach.


Stress tests stress the stress tested

Stress tests

Risk managers at some of the largest US financial institutions are unhappy with the way regulators are handling the recent wave of stress tests. Carsten Heiliger, Risk Solutions Architect at SAS, understands the frustration and shares his comments on the Risk Management Knowledge Exchange

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Solvency II business benefits

David Buckham, Founder and President of Monocle Solutions, says Solvency II directives are designed to benefit policy holders adn insurance companies. Learn how your firm can benefit from implementation and gain a competitive advantage.

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The regulatory machine is percolating, now what?


Ri$kMinds brought together leaders from all sectors of the risk world to discuss the problems and future facing facing financial services institutions across the globe. Clark Abrahams brought back some notable quotes and his thoughts on the increased regulatory. He seems recharged by the idea that innovation, regulatory compliance and business strategy fit together for the perfect competitive puzzle.


State of risk management, data

Data for risk management - 2012

When you take a look back over 2011, what will be the the stand out memory? Will it be the struggles in Greece and the other Eurozone countries to restructure their debt? How about the new regulatory changes or the new regulatory bodies in the US? David Rogers, SAS, says that many of these old problems caused by one overriding issue – data. What will you be doing about data in 2012?

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Six key challenges to meeting Solvency II standards

Six guidelines for stress testing

The more progress insurers make with Solvency II implementation the more they realize they have to do. Starting early is the key. This post briefly describes six key challenges insurers must address immediately to meet Solvency II standards in time. From there, I’ll point you to a white paper detailing those challenges and a framework that provides a solid foundation for improved capital and cost-efficiency.

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Solvency II deadline extension

Solvency II, a ticking bomb?

The recent proposal to extend the deadline for Solvency II compliance by one year reflects the finding of a report by the Financial Services Authority that many insurers are not ready to meet the standards. This extension can be veiwed as an opportunity to knuckle down – if you have the correct tips and tools. Here is some advice and a link to a white paper identifying six key challenges that must be addressed to meet Solvency II standards.

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