Leo Sadovy

Leo Sadovy, SAS

Leo Sadovy handles Performance Management marketing at SAS. Before SAS, he spent seven years as Vice President of Finance for a North American division of Fujitsu, managing a team focused on commercial operations, customer and alliance partnerships, strategic planning and process management. During his 13-year tenure at Fujitsu, Sadovy developed the ROI model and processes used in internal investment decisions. He has an MBA in finance and a bachelor’s degree in marketing.


Normal accidents, risk, and the man who saved the world


Operational risk and complexity risk can go hand-in-hand. Leo Sadovy is author of the Value Alley blog at SAS, a thought leader in financial management and responsible for performance management solutions marketing at SAS. Above all, he is a master story teller who can weave together the examples needed to help us easily understand complex ideas. In this post, Sadovy discusses the challenges institutions face when one failure sets off another somewhere downstream.