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Has the marketer lost control?


The growing number of marketing mediums is making marketing campaigns more complex. What’s a marketer to do? Customer analytics expert Lori Bieda shares three steps all marketers need to take.

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Text analytics for social media

text analytics for social media

When faced with unstructured data – e-mails, survey, call center reports, and now, social media – most marketers cringe. Deriving meaning from massive volumes of complex unstructured data is not humanly possible, but now marketers are using text analytics to analyze trends, spot problems and find solutions.

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Taking social media from talk to action

Jim Davis, SAS Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Did you know that: A recent study by The Nielsen Company shows that Americans are spending more than a third (36 percent) of their online time “communicating and networking across social networks, blogs, personal email and instant messaging.”

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The nuts & bolts of social media: insights and tips from Chico’s CIO (blog post)

nuts_bolts social media insights and tips from Chico CIO

Chico’s CIO Gary King describes two of the organization’s most successful social media projects (Facebook pajama party, anyone?), discusses who should “own” social media, shares lessons learned and practical tips

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Acting on customer intelligence from social media

Acting On Customer Intelligence From Social Media

Social media guru Chris Brogan and SAS’ John Bastone share best practices for finding your target audience and engaging with them on social media at remarkably little cost.

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