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Data Security and Big Data: Treat Data as a Corporate Asset

This is the 7th post in the 10-post series, “A Marketer’s Journey Through the Big Data Archipelago.”

“Human errors and systems glitches caused nearly two-thirds of data breaches globally in 2012.” – Ponemon Institute and Symantec

The Data Security Isle in the Big Data Archipelago

Nothing has accelerated the proliferation and sharing of personal data more than the Internet. Some may disagree, but unless you’re living a technology-free life — by choice or not — then it’s hard to dismiss the impact the Internet has had on both our personal and professional lives. From email to social networks to online shopping and travel, we’re generating a crazy amount of online personal data every day. Who’s keeping an eye on that data and who’s protecting it?

The irony is that when it comes to our workplaces, we have historically held IT responsible for securing our corporate data. If there’s a data breach, we contact IT. If there are application or data access issues, we contact IT. If there are privacy issues, we contact IT (and probably Legal). But is this really the right model for the internet age?

A Big Data Best Practice for Data Security

If we truly deem our data — corporate or personal, big or small — as valuable, just like we do our financial investments, then perhaps securing data is not just IT’s responsibility anymore. Maybe it’s time for us to foster a culture where data is treated as a corporate asset. A logical place to start could be with social data — yours, your company’s and your coworkers. Who’s keeping an eye on this data and who’s protecting your company? The answer should be “all of us.”

The bottom line is this: Whether the data is stored internally or it’s available externally on a public network, we can’t expect IT to monitor and manage it all. We need to be vigilant with our corporate data–as if it were our own money–and help protect our companies from suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Key Takeaways for Marketers

  • Data — big and small — is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Secure it.
  • Don’t assume that IT has it all covered. Do your part.
  • Beware of the Big Data Narwhal on the North Shore of the island. He may be getting away with your data.
  • Your online social activity is a reflection on you. And your company. Be mindful.


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