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From big data emerges clarity

Mosiac eyes

My experience at Predictive Analytics World so far has proved to be one of the most fascinating conferences I’ve attended, and a ton of fun to boot. Read about how the SAS “storyboard” booth continues to fill up with graphics depicting so many views of analytics that it’s hard to keep up.

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Is big data over hyped?


“Only predictive analytics like forecasting and optimization will bring you out of the past and into the future,” says Jim Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for SAS. He talks more about the “big data” hype cycle in this article.

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How will analytics rock your world in 2012?

Malene Haxholdt

It’s true. “Big data” can be a problem and an opportunity. Many organizations have struggled to manage, much less profit from, the deluge.

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Six perspectives on big data

Six perspectives on big data

I recently asked six industry experts their opinions on higher-performing technologies now available to make the most of big data. Read the perspective of SAS’ Mark Troester and watch other views from Expedia.com, Teradata, Elder Research and e-Metrics Optimization Summit in these video clips.

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Top 10 IT considerations for analytics in 2012

Mark Troester

You can find topics like analytics, cloud, big data, mobile, social networking, virtualization, open source on most technology 2012 prediction lists. SAS’ Mark Troester comments on analytic trends from an IT perspective in this top 10 list.

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Three tips for CIOs handling Big Data Analytics

Three Things CIOs Must Know

In this “Big Data Era,” CIOs are dealing with issues like the cloud, analytical appliance and enterprise architecture. Read IDC’s take on each, including business problems that Big Data analytics can solve.

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Don’t fear big data, says author Thornton May. Embrace it.

Thornton May

Author Thornton May encourages enterprises to embrace big data in a series of video clips. Understand why unstructured data is so important and how big data plays a role in helping an enterprise predict what customers want.

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The key to quick, insight-driven decision making


Computing power shouldn’t keep your organization from benefiting from analytics. Learn about the latest approaches to managing data for high-speed decision making.

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Speed to insight


The pressure is on to quickly draw insights from large data sets. Standing in the way: Lengthy data preparation steps. Read how Catalina Marketing and Cabela’s use in-database analytics to drive their businesses in this InformationWeek article.

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