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Data visualization: Crucial decisions on the go

Euramax Coated Products gains instant access to data insights

Speed to decision makingSpeed means giving decision makers 24/7 access to key data and reports on their mobile devices so that they can make crucial, on-the-spot decisions quickly and confidently anywhere in the world.

That’s a tall order for big data. But it’s no sweat for Euramax Coated Products. In the following Q&A, we talk to Peter Wijers, Euramax Businesss Support Manager, to find out how the global manufacturer of precoated metals for some of the most prominent brands in the world relies on analytics and data visualization, not gut instincts, to inform those decisions.

What challenges prompted you to look for a new analytics solution?
Wijers: We recognized that our old way of doing things simply wasn’t enough. We could only analyze a limited subset of our data, and the results were superficial at best. It might have alerted us to a problem, but we had no efficient way of going back to the data and digging deeper to find its root causes. We simply couldn’t make informed business decisions quickly with our old software, so we started looking for a better solution.

Why was the situation so critical?

Wijers:  We have an enormous amount of data to process. To tap into its value, we needed a tool that was flexible, easy and powerful enough to get the job done. This kind of a platform empowers our analysts to use all of the data available and find the most comprehensive results possible. In turn, this allows us to find data-driven solutions and address the root causes of an issue. 

How does SAS fulfill your priorities for the new system?

Wijers: We wanted a program with a user-friendly interface, strong analytic capacity and mobile-reporting integration. With SAS, we found that we were able to solve some problems from our large data sets quickly. With other software programs, we would’ve never been able to achieve the same results in such a short period of time. Mobile reporting is a very important feature for us because it allows us to make quick decisions and use the data we’ve analyzed in our daily decision making.

How important is speed in this case?

Wijers:  It’s essential. We’re talking about processing a huge amount of data. We simply can’t sit around and wait indefinitely for it to process. Long delays would prevent our analysts from digging deeper into the data or approaching the calculations from different angles. Mobile reporting allows us to share the results with our management team and provide them 24/7 access. 

Can you share an example of how you use SAS?
Due to certain environmental legislation, we regularly have to provide documentation that proves we do not use certain chemicals. With SAS® Visual Analytics, it’s easy to compile a report that shows in a simple and structured way that we are within the legal limits. Overall, it’s now a much easier and more streamlined process to show our compliance.

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