Transform your business through a reliable deployment architecture

A Reliable Deployment Architecture

A reliable deployment system for analytic models is vital to successfully operationalizing analytics. Learn more in this article, part of a series on operationalizing analytics.

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Improve analytics through an industrial scale process

Creating an Industrial-Scale Process

If you’re looking to operationalize analytics, you can’t do it without a repeatable, industrial-scale development process. Discover what that looks like in this article, part of a series on operationalizing analytics.

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Analytics that work for your business (not the other way around)

Solving the Right Problem

The first step to operationalizing analytics is understanding and solving the right problem. Find out how in this article, part of a series on operationalizing analytics based on a recent white paper by James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions.

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Describe, predict and prescribe

Anne Robinson, Director of Supply Chain Strategy & Analytics, Verizon Wireless

Operations research specialists are making the case that their predictive and prescriptive skills are critical to enterprise-wide analytics efforts. Anne Robinson, the President-Elect of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), explains how.

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What is operationalizing analytics?

James Taylor

Operationalizing analytics involves making analytics pervasive, predictive and actionable, says James Taylor, CEO, Decision Management Solutions. Hear more in this video.


Quality data trumps intuition

Data quality trumps intuition

Why do some still cling to intuition over the cold, hard facts? Accenture SAS Analytics Group research uncovers some reasons in this article.

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Upcoming event: how to approach big data with SAS VP of Big Data Paul Kent

Upcoming event: how to approach big data with SAS VP of Big Data Paul Kent

Check out the InformationWeek Big Data Analytics Virtual event on June 28th to hear how to approach big data from a number of industry experts, including SAS Vice President of Big Data Paul Kent.

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How Dow Chemical uses analytics to understand costs in a tight margin business

The value of data

The cost of raw materials has been volatile in recent years, so understanding costs is critical for profitability. In this article, Dow Chemical executives talk about how they use analytics to hedge against price swings and more effectively manage their businesses.

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Show me the numbers


Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, shares higlights of his research on the measureable impact of data-driven decision making and how analytics fits into his recent book, Race against the Machine.

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What do customer centricity and big data have in common?

Dr. Ralf Schneider, CIO of Allianz Group

You can’t get one without managing the other. And you can’t manage big data without getting a handle on your organization’s complexity. Dr. Ralf Scheider, CIO of Allianz Group presents how he manages this complexity in this article.

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