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Welcome to the Knowledge Exchange

The Knowledge Exchange brings together thought leaders and industry experts to help you:

  • Gain insights on critical business issues.
  • Make sense of global trends.
  • Respond to accelerating change.
  • Discover how technology can help.

Our goal is to share wisdom from the best minds in the industry as well as insights from our own experiences in helping customers tackle their most pressing business problems.

  1. Business Analytics

    Business Analytics Knowledge Exchange

    Most companies have plenty of data. But gleaning insights from this data to make better decisions remains a challenge. Business analytics can help. This site offers advice for those who are ready to get started. Explore.

  2. Customer Intelligence

    Customer Intelligence

    For marketers, the ground is constantly shifting, but the goals remain the same: acquire and retain valuable customers and increase customer profitability. Visit this site for ideas on how to adapt and succeed. Explore.

  3. Risk Management

    Risk Management

    In the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, many companies are overhauling their risk management practices. This site reviews lessons learned and discusses how to adjust to a new era in risk management. Explore