Life Sciences Industry Perspectives

Learn what thought leaders are saying and predicting for the industry.

In the midst of health care reform, many organizations are looking for answers to industry changes. With this in mind, what trends should we recognize in managed markets, pharma and payer relationships, risk arrangements and more?

The following videos offer candid feedback from respected leaders in the field of health care. These interviews took place at the 9th Annual Health Care & Life Sciences Executive Conference.

Video Interviews

Shiraz Hasan Shiraz Hasan, former Strategic Partnerships and Business Development Lead, Wolters Kluwer Pharmaceutical Solutions

Hasan reviews several emerging payer and physician trends that are affecting pharmaceutical sales and how life science organizations are responding. In this interview Hasan will also share his thoughts on in-depth data analysis and effective business segmentation strategies for managing gross to net sales.

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Scott Gee Scott Gee, former Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, US UCB Inc.

In the shifting discussion between life sciences companies and payers, is it time to make patient outcomes the collective contractual focus? Hear how a few market leaders are already embracing this direction and are forging new business relationships accordingly. In this interview, Gee shares his thoughts on the implications for life sciences organizations and how data can help drive more targeted and appropriate patient use, thus bending the cost curve.

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Dan Renick Dan Renick, President, The Hobart Group

The relationship between life sciences organizations and payers continues to evolve as contractual relationships shift from volume to patient- or value-based. It becomes increasingly important for organizations to employ and share market, product and disease expertise resources in order to create the best possible patient outcomes. In this interview, Renick explains why relationships need mutual goal alignment in order to be successful, as well as how new market dynamics require life sciences organizations to take a more comprehensive view of the funds allocated to each brand.

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