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A long time ago my mom taught me the old adage “spring forward and fall back” to help me remember which way to turn the clocks for daylight saving time. Next month, on Nov. 6 (at 2 a.m.), we will be moving our clocks back an hour, therefore gaining an extra hour of sleep; unless you are in my household, where we’ll be getting up an hour “early” because my toddler doesn’t know the meaning of “fall back.”

In the spring, I encouraged you to spring forward and take advantage of our Early-Bird Discount. Now that it is fall, I would like to encourage you not to fall back in your studies and to stay up-to-date with your JMP software. Bring a friend or co-worker to class with you and save 10%. Check out our discounts.

So, don’t fall back – instead, rise to the occasion and register for a JMP course today.

Best regards,
Brooke Fortson

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Course Highlights

NEW Predictive Modeling Using
JMP® Pro

This course covers the skills required to develop, assess and score predictive models using the Partition platform and the Neural platform. On-site courses available for your organization.
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NEW JMP® Software: Reliability Analysis
This course is for anyone who needs to analyze data about how long an object (reliability) or person (survival) operates within acceptable parameters (time to event). The course is presented using manufacturing examples, but those interested in survival analysis or studying recidivism will also find the course useful. On-site courses available for your organization.
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    Instructor Highlight

  Mark Bailey  
Mark Bailey, a Statistical Services Specialist, has been a JMP instructor since 1998. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the State University of New York College at Fredonia, Bailey holds a doctoral degree (also in chemistry) from the University of Rochester. He applied statistics and Six Sigma methods to industrial R&D in new business ventures for 16 years before teaching for SAS Education. When he isn’t teaching or writing courses, Bailey enjoys fine art photography, freshwater fly fishing, brewing beer, cooking ethnic food, and making computer and phone apps. It is also notable that he just sent both of his children off to college last month!

Tips and Tricks

Not again!

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing that JMP was not so interactive? That is, do you ever wish that you didn’t have to go through all of the selections in the launch dialog and then all of the options in the platform menu every time you want a particular analysis or plot? Perhaps you spend a lot of time changing the format of the tables in a report or axis settings for a plot, too. You might have to perform this same process on a regular, perhaps frequent, basis. The data changes each time, but the work is the same. The more uses that you find for JMP, the more likely that you will encounter this situation. You reach a point where you wish that there were a single button or menu command that knew exactly what you wanted and performed all of the setup for you. If only that miracle were possible. Well, this need is one of the many for which JMP scripting was added to JMP 4, and it has grown in power with every version of JMP since then. You do not need to learn this language and write a script for most cases where you can achieve the result interactively, but you might if you just want to avoid the tedious setup every time.

Tip image 1

Every platform in JMP includes a top-level menu that you access by clicking on the red triangle in the topmost outline. Look for the Script group of commands at the bottom of this menu (shown here). You may already know of and use this menu for other purposes. Notice that many of these commands will save a script. That is, JMP will write the script for you! This script captures all of your work (casting columns in roles and options for launch, commands for analysis or plotting, format and axis changes). This feature is perhaps a small miracle but it might just do the trick.

This script can be saved as part of the data table (in the upper left table panel) or in a script window for further editing. It can be simply copied to the clipboard for pasting in another location. You can even customize the JMP menus to include your script as a new command.

This tip was provided by Mark Bailey, JMP Instructor.

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