What Is High-Performance Analytics?

High-performance analytics hold the key to unlocking the unprecedented business value of big data.

Organizations looking for optimal ways to gain insights from big data in shorter reporting windows are turning to SAS. As the gold-standard leader in business analytics for more than 36 years, SAS frees enterprises from the limitations of traditional computing and enables them to draw instant benefits from big data.

Faster Time to Insight

From banking to retail to health care to insurance, SAS ® is helping industries glean insights from data that once took days or weeks – in just hours, minutes or seconds. It's all about getting to and analyzing relevant data faster. Revealing previously unseen patterns, sentiments and relationships. Identifying unknown risks. And speeding the time to insights.

High-Performance Analytics from SAS

Combining industry-leading analytics software with high-performance computing technologies produces fast and precise answers to unsolvable problems – and enables our customers to gain greater competitive advantage.

  • SAS In-Memory Analytics eliminate the need for disk-based processing, allowing for much faster analysis.
  • SAS In-Database executes analytic logic into the database itself for improved agility and governance.
  • SAS Grid Computing creates a centrally managed, shared environment for processing large jobs and supporting a growing number of users efficiently.

Together, the components of this integrated, supercharged platform are changing the decision-making landscape – and redefining how the world solves big data business problems.