Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith
Associate Professor and Chair
National University

Tyler Smith is a professor who teaches biostatistics, epidemiology, public health and health informatics. He is also the program lead for the health analytics master's degree at National University. With more than 20 years of experience in health research, leading large longitudinal studies, infant health registries and medical health outcomes research, he has 130 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals, 265 scientific presentations and has been PI/COI on grants totaling $20 million. Smith is the conference chair for SAS® Global Forum 2015 and serves on the executive board of the San Diego SAS Users Group. He received a bachelor’s in mathematics and statistics from California State University, Chico; and a master’s in statistics from the University of Kentucky, and PhD in epidemiology from the University of California, San Diego.

How long have you been using SAS®?

25 years.

What SAS products have you used in the past? What products and solutions are you currently using?

Base SAS, SAS/STAT®, SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS® Enterprise Miner and SAS/ETS®.

What is a problem you have solved using SAS?

Direction of a large health outcomes program for the Department of Defense (DOD) where we conducted all of the data management and analysis using SAS. The largest of the studies were the Millennium Cohort Study and the DOD Birth and Infant Health Registry. Both are known internationally for science and knowledge. These studies continue today and all of these data are in SAS.

What is the most innovative way you have used SAS?

To conduct a multinomial regression in CATMOD prior to being able to do this in LOGISTIC. In 1991, my co-author and I used NCAA March Madness seeding to predict point spreads. We are currently integrating DM approaches with traditional approaches to learn more about predictors for health outcomes.

What is your most memorable SAS moment?

Winning best contributed paper award for a paper on factor analysis at a regional conference in 1997.

How has SAS changed in the time you have been using it?

SAS continues to lead the stats and analytics community by example. Continually developing new versions with increased capability is a key to what we do in the applied world.

Have you ever attended a SAS users group meeting or SAS Global Forum? If yes, please list them.

Yes; many. I was the Western User’s of SAS Software Program Chair and then three years later the president. I am currently SAS Global Forum conference chair. Hope to see you in Dallas in April 2015!

Has your work with SAS been influenced by any other members of the SAS community?

Yes, very much so. That is the amazing thing about our yearly brain dumps where people come together and share innovative ways to solve problems. I am continually amazed and inspired at what I experience at our yearly SAS Global meeting.

If you could point a new SAS user to one resource, what would it be?

sasCommunity.org, SAS training and the papers by users.

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