Jenine Milum

Jenine Milum

Jenine Milum

Jenine Milum is a Vice President and Analytics Manager at Wells Fargo Bank. Previously, she was an application systems engineer at Wells Fargo, a computer programmer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a senior software engineer at, a programmer and business analyst at GE Capital, and a programmer, business analyst and senior systems analyst at MCI. SAS® is the common thread that runs throughout Milum's varied career. She has written numerous SAS papers, is a frequent lecturer and has received several Best Paper awards.

How long have you been using SAS®?

22 years.

What SAS products have you used in the past? What products and solutions are you currently using?

Our business users constantly want more information. They want it fast, and they don't like having to jump through hoops to make requests. Almost all my users prefer their information delivered in Microsoft Excel. The SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office is a product I love to expose my users to. They absolutely love having the most current data available at their fingertips without having to know a stitch of SAS while working with their preferred tool.

What is a problem you have solved using SAS?

The most challenging, yet most rewarding experience using SAS occurred while working on a website in its very early stages. We were tasked with analyzing Apache Web logs and creating meaningful and useful reporting utilizing the mountains of data collected from the website. We created an intranet site to deliver our reporting to the rest of the company. We're pretty sure we coined the term "dashboard." Business intelligence quickly became our SAS programming efforts rather than straight reporting. We utilized tools such as SAS/MDDB® server and SAS/IntrNet.

What is the most innovative way you have used SAS?

I presented my first SAS paper, Proc Format: A Speedy Alternative to Sort/Sort/Merge, at SSU 2001 (the joint conference of SESUG and SCSUG) in New Orleans. The presentation time was during the SAS mixer. I was pretty sure there wouldn't be many people in attendance, which was fine with me. But the room was packed, and it must have been well-received – I've given the same talk eight times since then, including at SAS Global Forum 2012. It also received a Best Paper award at SAS Global Forum 2009.

How has SAS changed in the time you have been using it?

While SAS has certainly changed in leaps and bounds over the years, in many ways it's stayed the same. For an old-time programmer, I can still do what I did more than 20 years ago and get great results. The business intelligence platform has provided a way to deliver reporting to the masses and give users the power to create their own reporting without having to know any SAS code. Amazing! What has made my job easier over the past years is the increased availability of resources due to the Internet. Not only are there more sources for research, but online, Web-based training has made keeping up with the newest technology much more attainable.

Have you ever attended a SAS users group meeting or SAS Global Forum? If yes, please list them.

Atlanta SAS Users Group, Greater Atlanta SAS Users Group, South Carolina SAS Users Group, Charlotte SAS Users Group (founder), Charlotte Area Wachovia SAS Users Group (steering committee), Wells Fargo SAS Users Group (founder), WUSS (once), SESUG (nine times), SAS Users Group International/SAS Global Forum (12 times).

Has your work with SAS been influenced by any other members of the SAS community?

I could not have become the advanced-level developer I am today without the tremendous influence of others in the SAS community. By interacting with other SAS developers, I've gained invaluable resources to perform any function I may encounter. Having attended and been an organizer for many SAS users groups, I continue to be exposed to new ideas and new approaches, and I'm able to expand my knowledge even more.

If you could point a new SAS user to one resource, what would it be?

The website, which searches 17,061 SAS papers from SAS Global Forum, SUGI, PharmaSUG, NESUG, SESUG, PhUSE, WUSS, MWSUG, PNWSUG and SCSUG. And the sashelp tutorial in SAS Enterprise Guide (sorry, that was two!).

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