Adaptive Customer Experience

SAS® Adaptive Customer Experience

Create more relevant, personalized communications

A deeper customer understanding. Better customer targeting. More relevant communications – personalized at the speed of customer interactions. Our customer experience software delivers analytical insight to the modern digital marketer. Because making it personal makes a difference.


Go beyond page hits for deeper customer insights.

Don't just capture page hits. With SAS, you can track online behavior in detail, then merge that data with offline data for a complete view of the customer and a keener understanding of customer behavior. By combining the insights you gain with a library of personalized offers that are ready to present at the right moment, you can deliver a more relevant customer experience.

Practice real-time marketing that really is real time.

Be certain that each customer gets the best possible offer at the right time – in real time. Only SAS combines the customer insight derived from real-time data collection with the advanced analytics and business logic of enterprise decision management. So you're empowered to deliver exactly what your customer wants – exactly when they want it.

Start small. Grow at your own pace.

With our powerful customer experience software, you can deliver a better experience to your customers – and prospects. Understand how customers interact with your website by using SAS Customer Experience Analytics for dynamic data collection and analysis. Then improve your outbound campaigns using SAS Customer Experience Targeting to target profitable customer segments.

Lighten the load with no heavy tagging.

Tired of the intensive web analytics tagging required by traditional solutions? We use dynamic data collection, which involves a uniform tag that is the same on every page. This greatly simplifies implementation and maintenance. Changes to page design are accounted for automatically during data capture, so there’s no need to continually re-tag. And because you have all the detailed data, you can reinterpret its meaning and change your analysis without having to capture new data.

Data, Analytics and the Customer Experience

Connecting with customers on a human level is more important than ever. In this video, Brian Solis, best-selling author and Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, shares his thoughts on how analytics can help marketers:

  • Prepare for the digital future.
  • Connect with customers based on values, empathy and emotions.
  • Bridge the gap between their brand promise and what the customer actually experiences and shares.



Adaptive Customer Experience
  • Data management. Contextualize data captured from all digital channels and devices in a matter of minutes.
  • Self-service data analysis. Produce analysis output in any format, on any device, for quick consumption.
  • Data visualization and reporting. Conduct advanced visual analysis using a variety of methods – pathing, regression, decision trees, roll-up reporting, visual forecasting, regression, etc.

        • Predictive analytics and data mining. Run analyses to determine which goal-seeking routine adjustments will result in better business goals.
        • Dynamic data collection. Avoid form- and field-level tag maintenance while collecting every consumer interaction down to the keystroke on all your web properties.
        • Decision support. Manage all data access, transformation and reporting from a single, centralized environment.

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