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Video Coverage

Video Coverage Event Coverage
For your convenience, we have posted full videos of General Session keynotes and panel discussions. Click here to select from a list of available sessions.

Pitchside Interviews Pitchside Interviews
Pitchside Interviews are taken in the speakers' green room immediately after each presentation and allow keynote speakers and panellists to provide additional insights and perspective in their own words.


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Blog coverage

  • Malcolm Gladwell: Incompetence annoys, overconfidence terrifies
    Malcolm Gladwell, writer for The New Yorker and the best-selling author of Blink and The Tipping Point, delivered an excellent closing speech at The Premier Business Leadership Series in Amsterdam, with his cautionary tale on the possible effects of having "perfect information.”

  • In Amsterdam, harnessing the power of the (data) tide
    Today, as an economic tide tugs at Europe and many regions, organizations are coping with a flood of data – making Amsterdam the ideal setting for the latest event, The Premier Business Leadership Series, where big data surges – both in research and in action.

  • Power it on: The smart grid is ready!
    "Big data" is a big deal for electric utilities. In a smart power grid, when you turn on the lights, you're generating data. When your neighbor plugs in his electric vehicle, he's generating data. When a heat wave causes retailers to crank up the air conditioning, they're generating data.

  • Protecting the public - and the public's purse
    We all expect the police to be focused on protecting us from harm and catching criminals. And, in my experience, the vast majority of police officers are dedicated men and women who take their service commitment seriously. However, that does not mean our protection should be achieved irrespective of cost.

  • Happy customers, happy staff, happy shareholders: It can be done
    By rights, Steve McGivern, should be a worried man. As the National Forecasting, Roster & Planning Manager at British Gas Services, he has an impossible job: accurately predicting how many service engineers British Gas needs to service and repair millions of domestic boilers during any given week, even while the weather is becoming more extreme.

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