SAS Global Forum Executive Conference - Seattle - April 2010

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Communications | Customer Intelligence | Financial Services | Fraud | Government | Hospitality | Insurance | Retail |
IT Management Session

Government Session

From the US Department of Health and Human Services to the Air Force Materiel Command, from Boeing to Lockheed Martin, from the state of North Carolina to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, today’s government agencies are looking for ways to quickly address the public’s expanding needs and concerns.

Join government leaders for thought-provoking sessions exploring how analytics can help guide complex decision making and address organizational challenges such as fraud, financial crimes or logistics planning.

Key Takeaways

Learn how to:

  • Begin implementing analytics in your organization.
  • Make sense of vast amounts of data in federal, state or local departments using business analytics.
  • Build analytical capabilities into your planning and operations.


1:45 - 2:45 p.m. – Fighting Fraud: From the Stone Age to Social Network Analysis

  • Carl Hammersburg, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
  • Doric Olson, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Location: Willow B

Don’t miss this chance to learn how one state agency nearly tripled its audit findings from employers that were not paying proper workers’ compensation premiums – and how it plans to use technology for even bigger gains.

Using the SAS Fraud Framework, Washington Labor and Industries hopes to:

  • More accurately detect employer fraud suspects.
  • Expand data sharing between government agencies.
  • Identify fraudsters who close down one business, then open another.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Reduce the number of audits for honest employers (false positives).
  • Increase voluntary compliance (deterrence).
  • Reduce the impact of the “underground economy” on honest businesses and taxpayers.

3:15 - 4:15 p.m. – Public Assistance Fraud: How Los Angeles County Is Leveraging Technology to Avoid Paying Millions in Fraudulent Claims

Location: Willow B

Los Angeles County is implementing a fraud framework solution to detect and prevent benefits fraud in the CalWORKs child care program. This project was based on an initial Los Angeles County pilot that proved to be 85 percent accurate in detecting collusive fraud rings – resulting in a total annual gross cost avoidance of at least $6.8 million. Join Manuel Moreno to learn how the county is leveraging cutting-edge technology to prevent public assistance fraud and enhance the district attorney's fraud investigations. You will also hear more about Los Angeles County’s vision for using the framework to prevent and detect fraud in other public assistance programs.

Additional presentations of interest

IT Management Session (multiple presentations) – Tuesday, April 13