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Who should attend
Marketers, data analysts, business analysts and executives who want to better understand the role analytics can play in beating the competition.

Whether you're seeking an analytics-based competitive strategy for your operational staff or in search of analytics best practices, this Webcast is for you.

What you’ll learn
Invest a little time in this Webcast, and you’ll understand how analytics can help solve common business challenges, including acquiring the most valuable prospects (and minimizing failed attempts); targeted customer retention; creating effective cross-sell/up-sell strategies; and achieving advanced predictive modeling via customer segmentation.

Key takeaways
We’ll cover a wide range of questions about competitive analytics, including:

  • What are the advantages gained from using analytics compared to using standard business approaches? How can analytic results help you make better business decisions?
  • What can analyzing your data tell you about what you could – or should – be doing differently? And what can it tell you about how to improve what you’re already doing?
  • How can you use analytic results to change your operational structure, and thereby improve efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, lower costs and, ultimately, improve profitability?
  • How do you take the output from a complicated analysis and convert it to a simple set of operational rules?

SAS’ Darius Baer and David Ogden, world-class data mining experts

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