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Training and Certification

Pre-conference Workshops

A variety of pre-conference workshops will be available on Sunday, Oct. 19. Pricing for the workshops is included in the conference package pricing. You can register for the workshops when you register for the conference.

Half-Day Courses

Introduction to Data Mining and SAS Enterprise Miner

This introduction to SAS Enterprise Miner hands-on workshop covers the skills required to assemble analysis flow diagrams using the rich tool set of SAS Enterprise Miner for predictive modeling. This workshop shows how to define a SAS Enterprise Miner project. It also illustrates how to explore data graphically, modify data for better analysis results, build and understand predictive models such as decision trees and regression models, compare and explain complex models, and generate and use score code. In addition, the workshop demonstrates how to use SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler to build predictive models.
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Sunday, Oct 19; 1-5pm

Statistical Analysis Using SAS Studio

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn to perform statistical analysis using SAS Studio. SAS Studio is a web-based interface to the SAS system that features a code editor, point-and-click tasks with guided syntax building, and example code snippets for a variety of commonly used SAS programming objectives. SAS Studio is also the primary interface in the free academic download of SAS, SAS University Edition.
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Sunday, Oct 19; 1-5pm

Text Mining on Steroids

You have always wanted to incorporate textual data into your predictive and segmentation models. Perhaps you have struggled with how to perform these tasks easily and automatically. This seminar illustrates the complete cycle of text mining from information gathering to visualization of results. You might be a business analyst in an organization who is interested in uncovering in-depth facts about your own company using in-house data, or maybe you want to analyze the social sentiment by crawling the web. SAS has the perfect set of tools for each of these use cases, whether your needs are crawling the web to access textual data or drilling into massive amounts of unstructured textual data or both. SAS Contextual Analysis enables you to build classification models that can automatically categorize a set of input documents. It combines the power of SAS Content Categorization and SAS Text Miner, which help you to identify key textual topics in your document collections, automatically generate Boolean linguistic rules and categorize documents in order to realize the value of your text-based data. You can then view that data in SAS Visual Analytics and leverage the power of the SAS LASR Analytic Server to explore and report on the structured output and refine text models interactively on the go. This seminar gives you a flavor of most of the SAS Text Analytics tools that are used to perform a real-time data extraction and create visualizations on that data.
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Sunday, Oct 19; 1-5pm

The SAS Model Factory

You have experienced the chaos associated with building and maintaining a multitude of models. This seminar shows you how to replace the chaos with automation, efficiency, and repeatability. It presents best practices for the end-to-end process of modeling, from development through implementation. A case study modeling project illustrates the modeling process: how you know which model to use for each promotion or communication with different customers, when to update each model to maintain the highest predictability, and what portions of the process can be automated for maximum survivability and efficiency. The seminar shows how SAS has accelerated model deployment throughout the analytical cycle, focusing on integration across SAS products. The models can be from SAS High-Performance Analytics, SAS Enterprise Miner, or SAS/STAT. The seminar presents demonstrations for building a variety of models, as well as for how to automate the management, publishing, and scoring of models by using SAS Model Manager and SAS Scoring Accelerator. The seminar also provides the detailed approach and methods for how a SAS Model Factory can contribute to improved decision making within your business. A panel of SAS Analytical Consultants, with decades of real-world experience in building, deploying, and maintaining SAS models, will lead this interactive and informative seminar.
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Sunday, Oct 19; 1-5pm

One-Day Course

Analytics: Putting It All to Work

Many companies are flooded with huge amounts of data available in corporate databases and/or data warehouses. A key challenge is how to optimally manage this data overload and use analytics to better understand, manage, and strategically exploit the complex dynamics of customer behavior. This class starts by giving an overview of the steps involved when working out an analytics project in a practical business setting. After discussing the key data preprocessing activities, this course elaborates on how you can efficiently use and deploy both predictive and descriptive state-of-the-art analytics to optimize and streamline your strategic business processes such as marketing campaigns and/or risk management. Examples of business applications that are covered include credit scoring and risk modeling, customer retention and response modeling, market basket analysis and cross-selling, customer lifetime value modeling, and Web intelligence and social network analytics. You receive extensive practical advice and guidelines on how to put all the analytical tools and concepts to work in a real-life setting. The class focuses on analytical concepts, techniques, and methodologies and their applications. Software demonstrations illustrate and clarify the concepts, but no hands-on use of software is included. The class includes self-study sections with additional real-life case studies.
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Sunday, Oct 19; 8:30am-5pm

Note: No food or drink is allowed in the computer lab. Badges must be worn at all times during class and labs.

SAS reserves the right to cancel course dates. If a course is cancelled for any reason, SAS will return prepaid registration fees. SAS is not responsible for airline penalties related to the cancellation of SAS courses or events. Please be aware of the airline restrictions regarding nonrefundable airline tickets when purchasing an airline ticket.
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