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Session Speakers

Analytics Conference speakers are experts in their field. They represent a vast background of skills and experience and are from a wide range of industries. Our speakers are the best and brightest at what they do. Get ready to be inspired!

This page is updated frequently. Please check it often for the latest list of speakers.
Raphael Cailloux
Head of Marketing Intelligence and Brand Consumer Analytics, Adidas
Raphael Cailloux is the Head of Marketing Intelligence and Brand Consumer Analytics at Adidas. He has 15 years of experience in consumer analytics for different industries, where he has tackled a wide range of analytical challenges. His degrees in statistics and marketing have sharpened his eye for both the scientific and business acumen it takes to create value in this area. He has spoken at many conferences about statistical issues (e.g., on an innovative way to find the best functional fit of an empirical conditional distribution) and business issues (e.g., driving customer dialogue with analytics).
Goutam Chakraborty
Director of the Graduate Certificate in Business Data Mining and Professor of Marketing, Oklahoma State University
Goutam Chakraborty, PhD, is the Director of the Graduate Certificate in Business Data Mining and a professor of marketing at Oklahoma State University. In addition to his academic responsibilities, he consults on issues related to developing business analytics capabilities, digital business strategy, and building and managing customer relationships. An internationally known expert in data mining and analytics, Chakraborty has presented numerous programs and workshops to executives, educators, and research professionals worldwide. He has won numerous teaching awards, including the SAS Distinguished Professor Award. Chakraborty's research has been widely published; his most recent book is Text Mining and Analysis: Practical Methods, Examples, and Case Studies Using SAS.
Sandy Chiu
Program Manager, Clinical Analytics, Humana
Sandy Chiu, who joined Humana in 2003, is responsible for developing a portfolio of clinical predictive models to mitigate individuals' health risks through early identification and intervention. She is well versed in health care and advanced data analytics, including clinical data management, predictive modeling, data mining, data visualization and working with cross-functional teams to execute analytic solutions for specific business problems. Chiu holds three patents in the areas of data visualization and predictive modeling (one issued and two applications). She received her master's degree in computer science from the University of Louisville in 2002.
Zubin Dowlaty
Head of Innovation and Development, Mu Sigma
Zubin Dowlaty is Head of Innovation and Development at Mu Sigma. He has more than 20 years' experience in business intelligence and analytics. At Mu Sigma, he works closely with Fortune 500 companies such as Dell and Microsoft, counseling them on how to institutionalize data-driven decision making. Dowlaty is focused on rapidly implementing innovative analytics technology and statistical techniques into the Mu Sigma ecosystem. Dowlaty previously served as Vice President of Emerging Technology and Vice President of Decision Sciences for InterContinental Hotels Group. He has over 19 years of direct experience applying quantitative methods to extract value from corporate data. His IHG experience included creating and driving the global management of the data warehouse, applied business intelligence, analytics/advanced analytics, and market research departments. Prior to IHG, he served as Statistical Modeling Manager at UPS, primarily applying statistical models to enhance shareholder value at the world's largest transportation company. Dowlaty received his BSBA in finance from the University of Florida and an MA in economics specializing in econometrics from the University of South Carolina.
Nick Evangelopoulos
Associate Professor of Decision Sciences, University of North Texas
Nick Evangelopoulos is an Associate Professor of Decision Sciences at the University of North Texas and a Fellow of the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge. His research interests include statistics and text mining. His publications include research articles appearing in MIS Quarterly, Decision Support Systems, Communications of the ACM, Communications in Statistics, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, and many others. Evangelopoulos has taught a number of courses in business statistics, management science, object-oriented programming, forecasting, and data mining. His consulting experience includes corporate projects in text analytics, predictive modeling, customer attrition modeling and policy evaluation. The UNT College of Business honored him with its Outstanding Teaching Innovation Award in 2010 and Outstanding Senior Faculty Research Award in 2013. He can be contacted at Nick.Evangelopoulos@unt.edu.
Gregory Fishel
Chief Meterologist, WRAL-TV
Gregory Fishel is the Chief Meterologist for WRAL-TV. He's received several awards throughout his career, including: Co-recipient of 1985 AMS Award for Outstanding Service by a Broadcast Meteorologist; Recipient of Regional Midsouth Emmy in 2002 from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; First Certified Broadcast Meteorologist in the United States (April 2005); One of six recipients of AMS Special Award in 2006 for extensive and exceptional work over the years on the development, writing, implementation and execution of the new standards for broadcasters through the American Meteorological Society Certified Broadcast Meteorologist program; Elected Fellow of American Meteorological Society (2013). Fishel earned a bachelor's in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University in 1979.
Sterling Green
Vice President of Business Intelligence, Delivery Services, Enterprise Data and Integration, SunTrust Bank
Sterling Green is the Vice President of Business Intelligence, Delivery Services, Enterprise Data and Integration at SunTrust Bank. Green previously worked at GE and another financial services company. While enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Connecticut, he created Sterling Information Systems Inc. to provide business intelligence consulting services to the financial services, insurance, health care and state government sectors.
David Gumpert-Hersh
Vice President, Credit Risk and Econometrics, Wescom Credit Union
David Gumpert-Hersh began his career as a corporate treasury and risk manager, and has worked at Starbucks, HSBC, Netscape and Microsoft. He enjoys creating "forward thinking" models in the areas of credit risk, stress testing and forecasting. Gumpert-Hersh earned his bachelor's at Menlo College and completed coursework at San Francisco State toward a master's in multinational finance.
Owen Hall, Jr.
Full Professor of Decision Sciences, Pepperdine University
Owen P. Hall Jr., PhD, holds the Julian Virtue Professorship and is a Rothschild Applied Research Fellow. He is a Full Professor of Decision Sciences at the George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University, and has over 35 years of academic and industry experience. He is the author of several textbooks on computer based decision-making and has written extensively on educational collaboration, data mining and Internet-based learning. He is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma and Delta Mu Delta Honor Societies. Hall received his PhD from the University of Southern California and undertook post-doctoral studies at the Center for Futures Research.
Hans Helbekkmo
Expert Principal, Risk Practice, McKinsey & Company
Hans Helbekkmo is an Expert Principal in McKinsey & Company's Risk Practice, where he heads up the enterprise risk management service line. He joined McKinsey from Union Bank in 2012, where he served as Head of Credit Portfolio Risk Analysis for five years. Helbekkmo has extensive experience advising financial institutions on risk management issues, including credit, market, insurance and operational risk. He has deep experience as a consultant, solution provider and in-house risk manager.
Logyoung Kim
Research Fellow, Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, South Korea
Logyoung Kim has held numerous positions at the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service in South Korea. Kim's current role is Research Fellow. He received an undergraduate degree from the Seoul National University of Science and Technology. Kim also has a master's and PhD in economics from Hanyang University.
Kostas Kyriakoulis
Professor of Financial Analytics, Institute for Advanced Analytics
Kostas Kyriakoulis is a full-time Associate Professor of financial analytics at the Institute for Advanced Analytics in Raleigh, NC. His area of expertise is credit and market risk analysis, and he teaches subjects such as risk and simulation analysis, financial modeling, and credit scoring. Previously, Kyriakoulis was the Analytical Solutions Manager in Risk Management for Banking and Insurance at SAS, where he was employed for six years. Kyriakoulis received his PhD in econometrics from North Carolina State University in 2006.
Richard Lieberman
Principal Data Scientist and Technical Architect, PeakAnalytics Software
Richard Lieberman is the principal data scientist and technical architect of PeakAnalytics software, which combines quality measurement and risk adjustment metrics on the same web-based software platform. He is also is one of the nation's leading experts on risk adjustment, quality measurement and predictive analytics in the managed care industry. Since 1991, he has been active in the design and implementation of risk adjustment models and risk-adjusted payment systems for commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payers. Lieberman has an in-depth understanding of Medicare, Medicaid and Affordable Care Act statutes, regulations and policies.
Patrick Maher
Senior Manager, SAS Global Professional Services, SAS
Patrick Maher is a Senior Manager with SAS' Global Professional Services organization. Maher has over 20 years of experience in statistical analysis and predictive modeling. He has worked on projects within the entertainment, higher and public education, financial services, CPG, pharmaceutical, automotive, health care and services industries. In his 16 years at SAS, he has also served in sales and marketing roles. Previously, Maher was an analyst in the CPG industry and an analyst and project coordinator in health care research.

For the last five years, Maher has lead the US business analytics practice at SAS. The practice's analytical consultants are responsible for data mining, forecasting and predictive modeling solutions across a range of industries. It is the experience leading this all-star team that Maher uses as a basis for this presentation. Maher has a master's degree in research methodology and a bachelor's degree in psychology, both from the University of Pittsburgh.

Julia Marshall
Lead Text Analytics Specialist, Bridgeborn Inc.
Julia Marshall works for Bridgeborn Inc. and is currently on assignment at the US Agency for International Development (USAID). She is the lead text analytics specialist overseeing the implementation of SAS for the Development Experience Clearinghouse within USAID. Marshall has been working on the Development Experience Clearinghouse for the past five years, both as team lead and as the classification librarian. She previously worked for three years at the International Monetary Fund as an indexer and taxonomist. With a background in library science and indexing, she has a great deal of experience in how humans categorize data and how to translate that into machine rules for business benefit.
Murali Pagolu
Business Analytics Consultant, SAS
Murali Pagolu is a Business Analytics Consultant at SAS and has nine years of consulting experience. He is responsible for implementing analytical solutions, developing proof of concepts and providing sales support to SAS customers across industry verticals in areas like text analytics, data mining for CRM applications, segmentation and predictive modeling. He presented some innovative applications of text analytics such as mining text comments from YouTube videos and patent portfolio analysis at past Analytics Conference Series events. Pagolu has been instrumental in successful implementations of SAS Text Analytics solutions involving topic discovery, content categorization, concept extraction, contextual analysis and sentiment analysis for SAS customers.
Jo Porter
Deputy Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice
Jo Porter, MPH, serves as Deputy Director for the Institute for Health Policy and Practice (IHPP). She is responsible for overall management of a number of health analytic projects within IHPP's Center for Health Analytics, and also oversees operational functions across IHPP. She co-chairs the All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) Council, and has over 15 years of health care-related project management and program development experience. Her research interests are in health data collection and dissemination, and using data to effectively improve health care quality. Porter earned her BS in microbiology from the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Public Health from Boston University.
Jennifer Priestley
Professor of Applied Statistics and Data Science, Kennesaw State University
Jennifer Priestley is a Professor of Applied Statistics and Data Science at Kennesaw State University, where she is the Director of the Center for Statistics and Analytical Services. She was recognized by SAS as the 2012 Distinguished Statistics Professor of the Year. Previously, Priestley spent 11 years working in the financial services industry. She has authored published articles about statistics as well as textbook manuals. Priestley received a bachelor's from Georgia Tech and an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University. She earned her PhD in statistics from Georgia State University in Atlanta. Priestley also holds SAS certifications in Base SAS programming and business analysis.
Andy Pulkstenis
Director of Analytics, State Farm Insurance
Andy Pulkstenis is a Director of Analytics for State Farm Insurance. He leads a team of advanced analytics professionals providing statistical analysis and predictive modeling support for the enterprise across a variety of business units. His background includes over a decade of experience improving business strategies with designed multivariate experiments. Pulkstenis received his MS degree in statistics from Penn State University and holds a BA in mathematics (statistics minor) from Messiah College. He has spent nearly 20 years in applied business analytics with Trilogy Consulting, Capital One and now State Farm Insurance, with particular focus on predictive modeling, experimental design and statistical recruiting. When not working, Pulkstenis enjoys spending time with his family, NHL hockey and NFL football.
Laura Ring Kapitula
Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University
Laura Ring Kapitula is an assistant professor of statistics at Grand Valley State University. She received a PhD in statistics and a master's degree in cognitive psychology from the University of New Mexico. Her research interests include statistical computing, educational evaluation, hierarchical modeling, influence diagnostics, epidemiology and statistical graphics. She is a highly experienced applied statistician who has had the opportunity to work collaboratively in diverse areas such as education, medicine, transportation research, human computer interaction, epidemiology and psychology.
Harpreet Singh
Metrician, Humana
Harpreet Singh is currently employed by Humana in Louisville, KY, as a Metrician for the Clinical Analytics team. Singh is responsible for developing and maintaining a suite of predictive analytics to solve critical business problems using the best technologies available. He has a PhD in computational analysis and modeling with a concentration in data mining from Louisiana Tech University. His research interests lie in data mining, predictive analytics and pattern matching.
Landon Starr
Director of Analytics, American Express
Landon Starr is a Director of Analytics at American Express. Over the last year, he has focused on optimizing customer relationship management (CRM) through trigger messaging, high-frequency chained messaging, and sophisticated performance assessment to make fast-paced and statistically significant decisions on customer communication strategies. Prior to American Express, Starr headed the analytics team for an asset-backed-security hedge fund, where he was responsible for leading acquisition, behavioral modeling and analytical fund allocation strategies on a $3 billion portfolio. Starr holds an MS in finance and a BS in economics from the University of Utah.
Hamed Zahedi
Program Manager, Humana
Dr. Hamed Zahedi is a Program Manager working on analytics, data mining and predictive modeling for health care data, and co-leads the Predictive Modeling team within the Clinical Analytics department at Humana. He has led the development and implementation of several clinical predictive models to enable the business to identify individuals most in need of clinical management. Those individuals are then enrolled in clinical programs. Zahedi has a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Louisville, where his dissertation work focused on analytics in the health care industry. He authored a book chapter and presented his work at Analytics 2011, PharmaSUG and other analytics conferences.
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