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SAS Super Demos and Demo Theater Presentations

SAS Super Demos are 15-20 minute software demos focused on popular topics, featuring the latest in SAS software. Super Demos will be held during conference breaks and the Networking Reception.
Monday, Oct. 20

Super Demo 1, 9:35-9:50 am

Interactive Stratified Modeling Using SAS Visual Statistics
A common strategy for developing improved predictive models is to stratify the learning data and develop a separate model for each stratum. Check out this super demo to learn how to use SAS Visual Statistics and SAS In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop to develop stratified models based on: group-by variables; decision trees to derive segments and enforce business rules; and clustering demographic data followed by supervised models using transactional data.

Super Demo 2, 9:35-9:50 am

PROC MCMC: SAS Enterprise Miner Extension Node
Joy Yan, Principal Analytical Consultant, SAS
Emily Forney, Analytical Consultant, SAS
SAS Enterprise Miner enables SAS users to create their own nodes in SAS Enterprise Miner. These nodes can then be used in the same manner as regular SAS Enterprise Miner nodes under the Sample, Explore, Modify, Model, Assess or Utility menus. The user-created nodes make use of the flow features and metadata in SAS Enterprise Miner. This demo shows you how to implement the Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) procedure with SAS Enterprise Miner as an example to effectively fit Bayesian predictive modeling. The demo also shows you how to extend SAS Enterprise Miner capabilities by deploying an extension node under the model menu to perform data analysis.

Super Demo 1, 2:35-2:50 pm

Using Arrays With PROC HPDS2
Brian Ashford, Sr Analytical Consultant, SAS
Learn how to use dynamic and static arrays with SAS high-performance procedure HPDS2. Join this demo to see a few examples and the performance of PROC HPDS2 run in the SAS high-performance environment.

Super Demo 2, 2:35-2:50 pm

Solving Ultra-Large-Scale Forecasting Problems With SAS High-Performance Forecasting
Laura Ryan, Product Manager, SAS
This demo will address how forecasting scalability issues can be solved by migrating to SAS High-Performance Forecasting (SAS Forecast Server and SAS Grid Manager).

Super Demo 1, 6:15-6:30 pm

PROC RECOMMEND: SAS In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop
Joy Yan, Principal Analytical Consultant, SAS
Emily Forney, Analytical Consultant, SAS
PROC RECOMMEND (SAS In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop) helps users to build accurate recommendation systems fast in a single, interactive programming environment. The recommendation engine is an automated, cross-selling approach to offer additional products or services that enhance the offer the customer selected. The demo shows you how easy it is to analyze historic buying behavior and make recommendations to buyers in real time while they are shopping for a specific product.

Super Demo 2, 6:15-6:30 pm

Segmenting Your Customers Using SAS Enterprise Miner
Darius Baer, Advisory Analytical Consultant, SAS
Do you have a need to put your customers into meaningful groups? Do you need to treat your customers differently depending on their behavior and other attributes? Learn how SAS Enterprise Miner can be used to build clusters and graphically represent the results. This demo will focus on how to prepare your data and cluster the data to be used in your marketing efforts. You will also be shown how a decision tree can be used to build a supervised clustering model. Not only can the segmentation be used as a final result, but you can use the clusters as input to further predictive models.

Tuesday, Oct. 21

Super Demo 1, 9:35-9:50 am

An Introduction to SAS LASR Analytic Server
Priya Sharma, Analytical Consultant, SAS
Learn more about SAS LASR Analytic Server, which is the power behind SAS In-Memory Analytics product offerings such as SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics and SAS High-Performance Analytics.

Super Demo 1, 2:35-2:50 pm

Exploring System Performance With SAS Simulation Studio
Ed Hughes, Product Manager, SAS
Discover how the SAS Simulation Studio visual modeling and analysis environment can help you investigate and improve the performance of complex systems in a wide range of industries.

Super Demo 2, 2:35-2:50 pm

R Integration in Enterprise Miner
Patrick Hall, Research Statistician Developer, SAS
Learn how to combine the power of SAS Enterprise Miner with the extensibility of R by using the Open Source Integration node.

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