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Training and Certification

Pre-conference Training

Pre-conference training prices are included in the Conference Packages, which include the price of the conference plus 1 or 2 days of training Monday - Tuesday, 2-3 June. When registering, select your desired conference package, and then select the training class you'd like to attend.

All courses will be held at the Frankfurt Marriott.

Analytics: Putting It All to Work

Many companies are flooded with huge amounts of data available in corporate databases and/or data warehouses. A key challenge is how to optimally manage this data overload and use analytics to better understand, manage, and strategically exploit the complex dynamics of customer behavior. This class starts by giving an overview of the steps involved when working out an analytics project in a practical business setting. After discussing the key data preprocessing activities, this course elaborates on how you can efficiently use and deploy both predictive and descriptive state-of-the-art analytics to optimize and streamline your strategic business processes such as marketing campaigns and/or risk management. Examples of business applications that are covered include credit scoring and risk modeling, customer retention and response modeling, market basket analysis and cross-selling, customer lifetime value modeling, and Web intelligence and social network analytics. You receive extensive practical advice and guidelines on how to put all the analytical tools and concepts to work in a real-life setting. The class focuses on analytical concepts, techniques, and methodologies and their applications. Software demonstrations illustrate and clarify the concepts, but no hands-on use of software is included. The class includes self-study sections with additional real-life case studies.
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Instructor: Bart Baesens, PhD, Assistant Professor, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
Tuesday, 3 June

Customer Segmentation Using SAS Enterprise Miner

No marketing or customer contact strategy can be effective without segmentation. While the concept of segmentation is deceptively simple, in practice it is extremely difficult to execute. Emphasizing practical skills as well as providing theoretical knowledge, this hands-on, comprehensive course covers segmentation analysis in the context of business data mining. Topics include the theory and concepts of segmentation, as well as the main analytic tools for segmentation: hierarchical clustering, k-means clustering, normal mixtures, RFM cell method, text-based clustering, time-series clustering, and SOM/Kohonen method. The course focuses more on practical business solutions rather than statistical rigor. Therefore, business analysts, managers, marketers, customer intelligence analyst, programmers, and others can benefit from this course.
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Instructor: Goutam Chakraborty, PhD, Professor of Marketing, Oklahoma State University, US
Monday-Tuesday, 2-3 June

Forecasting Using SAS Software: A Programming Approach

This course teaches analysts how to use SAS/ETS software to diagnose systematic variation in data collected over time, create forecast models to capture the systematic variation, evaluate a given forecast model for goodness-of-fit and accuracy, and forecast future values using the model. Topics include Box-Jenkins ARIMA models, dynamic regression models, and exponential smoothing models.
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Instructor: Mihai Paunescu, Senior Analytics Consultant, SAS, Austria
Monday-Tuesday, 2-3 June

Advanced Analytical Methods Using SAS Enterprise Miner Software

This course covers advanced applications of SAS Enterprise Miner. Using some of the newest modeling nodes, you learn how to use advanced prediction techniques for classification and regression. Current variable selection methods are illustrated. You learn how to apply incremental response modeling in order to evaluate the impact of marketing actions on different customer groups. Furthermore, you experience how to use SAS Enterprise Miner for survival data mining.
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Instructor: Christina Andersson, SAS Instructor, Germany
Monday-Tuesday, 2-3 June

SAS Visual Analytics: Exploring and Reporting

This course teaches you how to explore your data and create and view reports. You also learn how to use the SAS Visual Analytics Hub.
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Instructor: Thomas Wende, Senior Technical Training Consultant, SAS, Germany
Monday-Tuesday, 2-3 June

Building Analytic Data Marts

This course teaches you how to build powerful data marts for analytical modeling in an efficient way. You learn about the ecosystem for analytic data preparation, as well as the most commonly used analytic data structures and their adequacy for certain analytic business questions. You receive guidelines for how to approach the creation of important derived variables to increase the predictive power of your models. You learn tips and tricks for efficient SAS programming for the creation of analytic data marts.
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Instructor: Gerhard Svolba, Author and Principal Solutions Architect, SAS, Austria
Monday-Tuesday, 2-3 June

SAS reserves the right to cancel course dates. If a course is cancelled for any reason, SAS will return prepaid registration fees. SAS is not responsible for airline penalties related to the cancellation of SAS courses or events. Please be aware of the airline restrictions regarding nonrefundable airline tickets when purchasing an airline ticket.
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