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General Information

Mobile App

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The free conference mobile app is now available for registered conference attendees only. To log in and create a password, please use the same email address used to register for the conference.

Mobile app features include: To get the mobile app: To access the mobile app:

The mobile app is password-protected and available for registered conference attendees only. Please log in using the same e-mail address you used to register for the conference. Next, you'll receive an e-mail prompting you to establish a password.

Mobile app networking features:

One of the best features of the mobile app is the functionality to send messages to other attendees through the app. It's a great way to make new contacts. You can also create a profile of yourself that other attendees can view. You can enter or edit your information and even add a photo. Go to My Account and click on the pencil to edit your profile and add a photo. Your name, organisation, job title, country, and industry will appear on the attendee list in the app. Please note: No other contact information will be shown. Questions about information contained in the app, including attendee information and the conference planner's privacy policy, can be sent to the conference organisers at a2014germany@sas.com.