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Keynote Speakers

Albrecht Beutelspacher

Professor, University of Giessen

Albrecht Beutelspacher studied 1969-1973 math, physics and philosophy at the University of Tübingen and received his PhD 1976 from the University of Mainz. From 1982-1985 he was an associate professor at the University of Mainz and from 1985-1988 he worked for a research department of the Siemens AG. Since 1988 he is a tenured professor for geometry and discrete mathematics at the University of Giessen. He became a well-known popularizer of mathematics in Germany by authoring several books in the field of popular science and recreational math and for founding Germany's first math museum, the Mathematikum. He received several awards for his contributions to popularizing mathematics. He has a math column in the German popular science magazine Bild der Wissenschaft and moderates a popular math series on TV.

Fascinating Mathematical Experiments
In this presentation Prof. Beutelspacher shows and explains fascinating mathematical experiments by using very simple materials. A good mathematical experiment is technically quite simple, but develops an enormous mental potential; it promotes imagination and insights. All of the shown experiments can be rebuilt at home by the audience.

Christoph Morgen

Product Manager, SAP

As a Senior Product Manager for SAP HANA, Christoph Morgen is responsible for driving the development directions of the SAP HANA platform, specifically in the area of modeling tools and application function extensions. Since he joined SAP in 2012, he is regularly engaging with customers, partners and stakeholders about their SAP HANA usage scenarios, requirements and roadmap discussions. Previously, Morgen worked at SAS Institue GmbH in Germany since 1999, where in his last role he was leading the SAS In-Database Analytics and SAS High-Performance Analytics initiatives. By applying statistics in ecological field studies, he started building his expertise in analytics during his study in landscape ecology at the Westfälischen Wilhelms-University of Münster.

Advanced Analytics in the 21st Century
(Co-speaking with Sascha Schubert)

Sascha Schubert

Director, Product Technology Marketing, SAS

As a Director for Technology Product Marketing at SAS, Sascha Schubert is responsible for setting strategic direction and defining the global market messages for the SAS technology product portfolio. The core of his daily work is driving key initiatives to respond to customer and market needs. Schubert joined SAS in 1997 and has worked in different roles in different countries in which he has always been closely engaged with customers all over the world. He has been a SAS spokesperson for the area of predictive analytics, analytical process optimization and high-performance analytics in relation to big data. In his previous and current role, he has been a regular speaker at SAS events and external conferences.

Advanced Analytics in the 21st Century
The importance of data analytics as a key factor for organizations to stay competitive in the digital age is widely recognized. What really differentiates leaders from followers in this race is the completeness of an analytics strategy that truly integrates process, people and technology. This keynote will review successful people and process strategies and how technology can support these strategies. Special focus will be placed on emerging technology, such as distributed computing and in-memory analytics, and new processing platforms, such as SAP HANA and Hadoop, that help organizations to enter the new era of analytics.

Beth Schultz

Editor in Chief, AllAnalytics.com

Beth Schultz has more than two decades of experience as an IT writer and editor. Her most recent work has focused on writing thought-provoking editorial and marketing materials for leading IT publications and industry players. Previously, she oversaw multimedia content development, writing and editing for special feature packages at Network World. Schultz has a keen ability to identify business and technology trends, developing expertise through in-depth analysis and early adopter case studies. Over the years, she has earned more than a dozen national and regional editorial excellence awards from American Business Media, American Society of Business Press Editors, Folio.net and others.

Top Analytics Trends as Seen on AllAnalytics.com
In June 2011, UBM Tech launched All Analytics (allanalytics.com) – a real-time, online social network that provides an unparalleled venue for analytical-minded users from the world's leading organizations. Here, members can convene and discuss how to deliver on the analytics priorities of the day. All Analytics is destined to become a "must use" resource for analytics decision makers. Over its three-year lifespan, the site has generated more than 22,000 registrations and millions of page views. This keynote will highlight the top analytics trends as seen on All Analytics. What analytical topics are generating the liveliest debates and discussions within the community, and what are the content pieces that fuel the insights? You'll get ideas for content to investigate and inspiration to engage and interact with analytical-minded users globally. Don't miss this opportunity to see the value of an analytics-driven, online community.

Dieter Steinmann

Senior Manager of Information and Communication Services for Business Systems, Fraport AG

The Analytical Company: Ready for Takeoff
With nearly half a million takeoffs and landings, more than 50 million passengers, and over 2 million tons of freight each year, Frankfurt International Airport is one of the largest air traffic hubs in the world. And all signs point to continued growth. For quite some time, Fraport, owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport, has taken full advantage of business intelligence to provide real-time information on the status of all key processes and factors used in operational decision management. Now, Fraport has decided to take things a step further by systematically using analytics to improve and innovate operations throughout the enterprise. To achieve this, Fraport is exploring new analytical applications, providing domain experts with easy-to-use analytical solutions and setting up a technical infrastructure for high-performance analytics.

Christian Wrobel

Product and Solution Architecht, Fraport AG

Christian Wrobel is a product and solution architect at Fraport AG with extensive experience in business intelligence solutions. He is in charge of enhancing the BI platform to implement high-availability and high-performance requirements to put Frankfurt Airport in the best position for upcoming challenges in aviation business. His business focus lies on the landside processes of airport operations, including security, passenger behavior and retailing. He was jointly responsible for designing a solution to predict passenger flows inside the terminals in near-real time by using a passenger simulation model. Wrobel has a diploma in engineering from Berufsakademie Mannheim. In his spare time, he enjoys sports activities like soccer, badminton and fitness training, and playing with his son.

(Co-speaking with Dieter Steinmann)
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