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Justify Your Trip

Anyone who's been to a SAS Analytics Conference will tell you it's one of the most inspiring, energy-boosting and educational experiences in analytics. But chances are your boss is more interested in improving the bottom line.

We've put together a persuasive argument you can take to your boss highlighting the very real ways the Analytics Conference will make you more productive, more efficient, and more effective as an analytics professional.

How should you approach your boss?

Only you know the best way to seek approval to attend the Analytics Conference, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.
  1. Be prepared and know the facts.
    1. Determine the total cost to attend. Registering early will save your company money!
    2. Study the program. Know which sessions will be of benefit to you and your organization.
    3. Be prepared to explain what you expect to get out of the conference, and more importantly, how that will benefit your company. We've prepared a list for you, below.
    4. Align your company's goals with the conference program.
  2. Once you know the facts, send a formal letter (or email) of request to your manager, highlighting the benefits of conference attendance. Schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss your request in person.
  3. Don't forget to follow-up after the conference. After all, you want to pave the way to future professional development opportunities!
    1. Take your new knowledge back to the office and hold a training session for your co-workers.
    2. Create a report for your manager of ideas gathered at the conference and a plan for implementation.
    3. Create comparisons of products, services, techniques or methodologies you learned of and show how they will decrease expenses or improve efficiencies.

Reasons to send me to Analytics 2014

I'll become a stronger asset to the company right away.
I'll be able to immediately implement new skills and ideas I've learned from the conference sessions. I will get answers and solutions to issues facing our business.
I'll discover new ways that analytics can help our bottom line.
I'll get insights into the latest trends and learn new skills from the smartest and most innovative minds in the industry. I'll be able to do more with the technologies we already have in place, to help us stay competitive and keep our costs down.
I'll pick up ideas we can apply to our own business.
The presenters at the Analytics Conference share real-world case studies from a broad spectrum of companies who've proven that good analytics = good business. Their insights will help our company understand where we can best allocate our time and budget by highlighting what's really working in today's marketplace.
I'll save the company money by discovering new skills, vendors and resources.
In the Exhibit Hall, I'll get a chance to meet experts from SAS and discuss our current projects and challenges. I'll also get to see the latest from SAS' alliance partners and gain a better understanding of new solutions and what people are interested in. Seeing demos of the future of SAS software will help our company stay ahead of the curve.
I'll make valuable connections.
From networking events like the industry luncheon and welcome reception to activities inside the Exhibit Hall, I'll meet accomplished analytics professionals with unique skills and experiences to share – a collaborative network I can tap long after the conference.
I can share what I learn with officemates after the conference.
Combining my own notes and ideas with the session handouts provided by the Analytics Conference, I'll have plenty of inspiration and information to share when I return.
The bottom line: The Analytics Conference is an investment in our company.
I'll learn skills that will have a lasting effect on my work. I'll pick up plenty of tips and techniques that will provide instant gratification, but I'll also learn to be a stronger, smarter, and more business-savvy analytics professional.

Join us for the Analytics Conference and you'll head home with a broadened perspective on both current and future developments in the field of analytics that will benefit your company for years to come. That's what we call ROI.