Sustainability Management

Predict and respond to environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities

SAS provides problem-specific models, proven methodologies and best practices to support sustainability strategies for your organization.

Whether modeling cleaner generation of power, improving energy efficiency, promoting better utilization of critical resources to minimize waste, or assisting environmental protection agencies, SAS enables its customers to do well and do good.

We had no doubts in selecting a technology partner because its solution ensured that a balance would be struck between performance and ease of customization and management, preventing the need for long and costly consulting.

Luciano Blasi
Energy Manager
Poste Italiane Group

Components of SAS® for Sustainability Management

SAS® Sustainability Reporting

Transform your scattered environmental data into a valuable corporate asset with the power of business intelligence and performance management.

SAS® Energy and Emissions Management

Analyze and model your carbon footprint and related environmental program assets.

How SAS® Is Different

  • Only SAS offers an integrated platform for business analytics that enhances performance management initiatives with a consistent, accurate view of information.
  • Integrated forecasting provides predictions of future performance so adjustments can be made accordingly.
  • SAS' analytic capabilities give insight into costs and cost drivers, as well as the financial impacts of green initiatives. Activity-based costing and capacity resource planning models help choose between alternatives, based on the predicted resources required.
  • SAS delivers a variety of predictive analytics to help plan improvement strategies, manage risk, avoid threats and measure results.
  • Award-winning data integration software is part of every sustainability solution, bringing you closer to accurate, timely information for decision support.
  • SAS is an active and committed partner in the communities where we live, work and conduct business. At SAS, we recognize that environmental sustainability is a continuous effort that requires prudent use and preservation of our natural resources. Please read our Corporate Social Responsibility Report for more information.

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