Sustainability Reporting

SAS® Sustainability Reporting

Measure and manage the triple bottom line: environmental, social and economic

SAS Sustainability Reporting provides a single source of information about an organization's sustainability performance. It supports globally accepted sustainability KPIs and provides embedded analytic routines to forecast results and prove relationships between metrics. The solution provides all the necessary tools to capture, clean and transform data relevant to sustainability.



Standardize on a performance management framework.

As a flexible user-driven solution, SAS Sustainability Reporting allows you to create your own set of performance indicators, or follow externally published standard frameworks. The solution makes it easy to add, adapt or create new performance indicators using its Web-based, point-and-click interface. The underlying performance management technology makes it easy to create hierarchical relationships, roll-ups, formula-driven metrics and specialized visualization techniques.

Capture a single source of trusted sustainability business knowledge.

You need a source of information that you can trust, both for internal planning and external reporting. By establishing a platform that is broad enough to handle multiple stakeholder demands, yet nimble enough to respond quickly, organizations are positioned for optimal analysis and reporting efficiency. For internal problem investigation, navigate easily through hierarchical dashboards or strategy maps. Quickly focus on hidden anomalies through flags and alerts. Share knowledge and collaborate by using notes and discussion threads.

Simplify data collection, improve data quality and provide an auditable record to support reporting requirements.

Automatically extract, transform and cleanse virtually any data, in any format, on any platform with ease. SAS provides complete transparency into the source of each data element for audit. Schedule the collection of data to meet your needs – monthly, weekly or even daily. Powerful analytics identify suspect data so you can address quality issues before data is added to reports. Web forms capture manual data and show prior-period results to help flag anomalies.

Know which metrics are related and which initiatives will have the greatest effect.

Reporting on historical numbers is only half the story. Use SAS software's embedded analytics to understand relationships between metrics, run time-series forecasts and perform simple what-if scenarios. In return, you'll get invalu¬able insights into the future and defendable statistics to support your strategy and commitments.

Communicate strategy, goals and objectives to facilitate effective execution.

Engagement of internal stakeholders is a key factor in suc¬cessful strategy execution. Employees at every level of the organization must have a clear sense of how their actions contribute to overall goal achievement. SAS software's visual strategy diagrams create compelling illustrations of the relationship between performance objectives established for various business units.



Sustainability Reporting
  • Business intelligence with integrated advanced analytics
  • Dynamic performance management from global standards
  • Data integration
  • Security and role-based authorization
  • Interactive dashboards, collaboration and alerts

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